Quarter 2 Round Up 2018/2019 Year

Youth Leadership Seminar, October 20, 2018
On October 20, 2018, our members and prospective members attended the Youth Leadership Seminar held at The Montego Bay Community College, St James. Attendees were provided with the opportunity to learn new ideas from the sessions attended regarding Rotary & Rotaract as well as their personal & professional development.


Rotary Liaison Committee

Joint meeting, St. Georges College Interact Club, November 1, 2018
On Thursday November 1, 2018, our General Meeting was co-chaired by the St. Georges College Interact Club. There was also a fantastic panel discussion in recognition of World Interact Week where our own Rtr. Anique, President Vanessa as well as Rtn. Wayne and Rtn. Julio from our parent club shared their many experiences as interactors during their high school days.

International Tree Planting Day, October 5, 2018
Some of our members joined our sponsor club, The Rotary Club of New Kingston and The Interact Club of St. Georges College, where we planted several trees on the compound of the school in recognition of International Tree Planting Day.

Induction Ceremony of Rtn. Patrick Forrest, November 5, 2018
The Rotary Club of St. Andrew North inducted Patrick Forrest for membership. Members of NKRC came out in their numbers to support Patrick as he prepared to embark on a new journey with his new rotary family and continue to serve communities via impactful projects. AG Novlet was in attendance to assist with his induction ceremony. As well as supporting Rtn’s and past NKRC members such as Rtn. Wayne Thorpe, Rtn. Ryan McKenzie and Rtn. Donair Wilmouth.

St. Georges College Pinning Ceremony, November 7, 2018
We were honoured to be in attendance of The St. Georges College Interact club’s pinning ceremony of their board of directors and members. We were also delighted in the handover of their new banner.

Visit to The Earlyact Club of Queens Prep. School, November 8, 2018
We had an amazing morning with the Earlyactors where President Peta-Gaye from our sponsor club explained to the children the meaning of The Four Way Test.

Joint meeting and project between The Rotary Club of New Kingston, The St. Georges College Interact Club & The Earlyact Club of the Queens Prep School, November 9, 2018
On November 9, 2018 we had an exciting joint meeting as well as a joint project at the Kintyre Basic School. Donation as as well as a reading session was held and it was truly a fantastic day.

Guest Speaker, Rtr. Antoinette, November 16, 2018
Our very own Rtr. Antoinette McDonald was the guest speaker at our Sponsor club’s meeting on November 16, 2018.

Guest Speaker, Rtr. Sean Nelson, November 19, 2018
In recognition of International Men’s Day, our very own Rtr. Sean Nelson was the guest speaker at Calabar High School’s Interact club.

Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Club Visits
Some of members kept busy during quarter 2 when they visited Interact Club of St. George’s College and various Rotaract and Rotary Clubs in and out of Jamaica-East. Some of the club’s engagements were with the Rotaract Club of Liguanea Plains, Rotaract Club of Kingston, Rotaract Club of May Pen, Rotary Club of Downtown Kingston, Rotary Club of Liguanea Plains, Rotary Club of New Kingston and the Rotary Club of St. Andrew North. Members also visited the Earlyact Club of Queens Preparatory School.

Community Service Committee

“Remove the tape, Fly the gate”, Training session, October 6, 2018
We hosted a Youth Empowerment Workshop at The St. Matthews Church Hall in the community of Allman Town. Sessions held were on personal branding, stress management and finance management.

Jamaica for Lifelong Learning, November- December 10, 2018
Every Monday members were scheduled to visit Saxthorpe Methodist Church and Bethel Baptists church where they taught basic mathematics to Jamaica for Life Long Learning Programme participants of varying ages.

Hospital and Donation Visit, November 24, 2018
We visited the University of the West Indies Hospital, children’s ward and made a donation of items for newborn babies. We received new born items from the Azan Supercentre which included numerous bottles, clothes, socks, toys, blankets and a bath pan.

Christmas Treat 2018, December 8, 2018
The Tegwyn Unit of Jamaica National Children’s Home relies solely on aid from the government and donations which more often than not is insufficient. As a result, they face numerous challenges daily. The treat was not only geared towards acquiring the items needed by the unit, but also aimed to provide a day filled with fun and excitement for the children. The activities/rides/amenities included a Bounce-A-Bout, hair grooming, popcorn machine, creative corner & other games led by volunteers. This project was funded solely by our club and we raised additional funds by having a raffle during our December 6th general meeting which was won by rotaractor Shantel Baker.


SugaLifestyle Christmas Connection Tradeshow, December 15, 2018
some of our members were able to assist SugaLifestyle with their amazing Christmas Tradeshow where handcrafted, handmade Jamaica items were sold. We have to also thank SugaLifestyle for their generous donation towards one of our staple projects, the feeding of the homeless at The Marie Atkins shelter in Downtown, Kingston.


International Service Committee
Women of Tomorrow Workshop, October 13, 2018
We hosted our Women of Tomorrow workshop at the Girl Guides Association Auditorium. This was partnership with The National Taskforce Against Trafficking in Persons. There were both presentations and booths set up for viewing.

End Polio Now Walk-a-Thon, October 27, 2018
Our First End Polio Now Walk-a-Thon was held on October 27, 2018. The aim of project was to raise funds in a fun way that would benefit participants. The money raised will be donated to the END POLIO NOW FOUNDATION created by Rotary International. Participants were asked to donate a registration fee of$2000JMD. The Walk-A-Thon was held on the grounds of the Mona Dam and commenced at 6:00AM to 8:00AM.

International Men’s Day, November 17, 2018

On November 17, 2018, we went to the Jamaica National Children’s Home where we had a motivational session with the boys aged 6-16 under the theme “Positive Male Role Models” in recognition of International Men’s Day. We then joined our sponsor club at their Health Fair and assisted where necessary.

Health and Lifestyle Symposium, December 1, 2018
Our fourth annual Health and Lifestyle Symposium was held on December 1st where community members were treated to a day of medical checks, dental cleanings, eye screenings, blood and sugar tests. Members of the community were also able to get Free HIV/STI tests in recognition of world aids day. Not only were persons able to get free tests and checks, there was a rigourous exercise session led by Jamaica moves and Sweet Energy Fitness.

Fundraising Committee

Evoke: Y2k Skoolaz Edition, November 24, 2018
On November 24, 2018 we held our annual fundraiser Evoke at The Escape 24/7 Bar and grill. Tickets were still $500! Yes only $500 where patrons got to enjoy the easy and lit music by Dj Flexi!!! Patrons enjoyed and danced the night away to music from the 2000’s and onwards. Let’s not forget members coming out in the alma mater school colours and repping greatly for the night.

Re-Use Don’t Abuse Campaign, November 28, 2018
A fantastic campaign launch geared towards the preparation of the plastic ban in our country which would be effective on January 1, 219. Persons would be able to purchase reusable bags, straws and water bottles. All proceeds made from sales would be in aid of our service projects. Bags are being sold at $800 and $400 for two straws, full silicone and stainless steel with silicone tips.

Professional Development Commitee
Learn Something New, November 21, 2018
We continued our Learn Something New Learning Series with a Self Defence Workshop. It was an interactive session where members, prospectives and guests were taught basic and practical self defence techniques to help protect themselves if they were to be attacked. It was not only a great learning experience but FUN as well.

Club Service Committee
Membership Celebrations
We love to celebrate our members. Happy Members, Happy club. We had numerous membership birthdays throughout quarter 2. We had members celebrating up to 4 years of membership in the club. We’re always thankful for our members and we’re continually grateful to have such dedicated members in NKRC.

Fifth Thursday Lyme, Salsa Edition, November 29, 2018
We had such a blast learning the smooth moves of the famous Salsa Dance. Members quickly caught on to the steps and were surely ready to take on any salsa challenge given to them. We also had members from the Rotaract Club of St. Andrew and The Rotaract Club of Kingston join us for this interactive session.

Induction Ceremony, December 6, 2018
On December 6, 2018 we welcomed 8 new members to The Rotaract Club of New Kingston. It was a fantastic end to a truly fantastic year. Newly inducted members Rtr. Nick, Rtr. Kerisa, Rtr, Dwayne, Rtr. Brenesha, Rtr.Dana, Rtrr. Antonet, Rtr. Keon and Rtr. Alecia. This induction is especially significant to us as it marked NKRC’s membership reaching a whopping 50 members. A first in the club’s history and also symbolic to 50 years of Rotaract service in the world!


Christmas Dinner 2018, December 16, 2018.
Our annual Christmas dinner was an exciting occasion where members and prospectives followed through to the t with the theme handed to them. We were treated to a bevy of talented pieces from the club’s members and also witnessed the official launch of the club’s very first website at https://nkrcja.com/