Stronger than Cancer




Cancer is a broad term that describes the disease that results when cellular changes cause the uncontrolled growth and division of cells. Some types of cancer cause rapid cell growth, while others cause cells to grow and divide at a slower rate. 
It is a debilitating disease that wreaks havoc not only on an individual’s body, but can devastate lives and families. 

In commemoration of World Cancer Day we had a chat with Rtr. Brenesha Bryan about her experience and journey with Cancer.

Which Cancer do you have and at what stage?

Kidney Cancer – Stage 1

When were you diagnosed?
December 2017

What were your symptoms that led to your diagnosis?
Severe back pain, swelling  of the legs, retaining  fluid/ have problem to past urine

How did you feel when you were diagnosed?

Like I’m dying and all hope was gone

What has been your major challenge?
My major challenge was to eat healthy, so I gave up certain foods. And I also couldn’t  keep down food.

How do you cope and manage? 
At first I wasn’t  coping well until i was introduced to the Rotaract  Club of New Kingston, that welcomed me with  open arms.  The energy  push me to keep on the right path.  Managing is hard so my parents help me to keep on track and I make sure I do all my treatments on the given dates.

What would you like for persons and groups like Rotaract to do more?
Promote  against things that cause cancer and try their best to try and help someone  that have cancer because just by communicating  with someone it  makes a major change in their  lives. You just might give them hope and you don’t even know.

What’s your message to other persons battling Cancer?
My message to others is  to not give up hope.  Fight it because I know you are stronger that it . Take your medication  and find a club or similar initiative. It makes your mind clear by the activities the club do. 
Do something that you always wanted to achieve, because  you will use your time fighting  and time will pass by so easy and you won’t even realize . 
Let’s not make cancer kill you, you kill cancer.