Health and Lifestyle Symposium 2018

The Rotaract club of New Kingston staged its annual Health & Lifestyle Symposium on Saturday December 1, 2018 on the grounds of the Nannyville Community Health Centre. There was an approximated twenty eight (28) members and prospective members present, two (2) Rotarians from our sponsoring Rotary club of New Kingston who turned out to assist with serving an estimated 133 registered community members.

The Health & Life Style Symposium focused on sensitizing the participants on the importance of having and maintaining healthy lifestyle practices and to also pay attention to their mental health just as much as their physical well-being. Great importance was placed on HIV/AIDS status and educating attendees about safe sex practices. The project had workout sessions and medical check-up booths, eye screening area and HIV counselling area. During the course of the event, structured information on lifestyle illnesses, best practices, proper hygiene and health practices, mental health awareness and means to maintain a balanced lifestyle were shared in the general area by the event’s host.

Work out sessions were conducted by Jamaica Moves. In this session attendees and Rotaract members participated in fun cardio activities. The members of Jamaica Moves showed community members various exercises that could be conducted at home to lose weight, maintain proper breathing patterns and is great for cardio while being fun.

The Nurses gave regular check-ups to attendees, including blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar checks. The participants were then ushered to the Doctors’ Station where they were provided with a more thorough check-up and consultation regarding identified areas of concern.

There was also HIV/AIDS Testing and counselling provided by CHARES who also distributed condoms, spoke to persons about safe sex practices, as well as extended counselling on how to cope and enjoy a full life despite being HIV/AIDS positive.


Eye testing was conducted by the Mona Lions Club. They were able to conduct testing on a majority of attendees and offered expert opinions on whether glasses were needed. Some participants were provided with eyeglasses free of charge or were referred to an Ophthalmologist where conditions were deemed to be advanced.


The National Heath Fund conducted cholesterol and blood pressure testing. They also measured the person’s weight and advised on how to stay in a safe BMI, and how to lower an individual’s cholesterol, blood pressure and weight by eating healthy and exercising.

Free dental checks, cleanings and extractions were conducted by the mobile Dental Unit which a huge demand at the symposium.



























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