Christmas Dinner 2018, The Masquerade: ‘A Night In The Hills’

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It was said by W.J. Tucker that “Christmas means fellowshipfeastinggiving and receiving, a time of good cheer, home”. To share in the ‘magic’ of the holiday season, the Rotaract Club of New Kingston, through its Club Service Committee, hosted its annual Christmas Dinner on December 16, themed “The Masquerade: A Night in the Hills.” Rotaractors, Rotarians, Prospective Members and Friends of Rotary gathered in their ‘black tie’ and masks attire on the beautifully decorated gardens of Rtn Mitch Stephenson’s home, to celebrate family, togetherness & commitment.

The evening began with the sultry singing of our Master of Ceremony Vice President Latoya Smith who brought the evening to a start with the tune O’ Holy Night. She led the gathering into an ice-breaker activity that saw us forming into groups to prepare and deliver a medley of Christmas songs to the delight of our fellow participants. This activity was a clear indication that NKRC has really got talent!

President Vanessa Williams then brought greetings and welcomed everyone officially to the Christmas dinner. She spoke briefly on the wonderful and impactful work that NKRC has been doing and expressed how immensely proud she was of the club that has continued to serve with passion and zeal despite our many challenges.

The award ceremony for our infamous ‘Vibe Awards’ followed. After a week of voting, quite a number of members received certificates having copped the majority of votes in the respective categories. Congratulations were extended to our ‘Fashionistas’, ‘Denzel Washingtons’, ‘Sunbeam & Moonlighter’, ‘Dapper Dan’, ‘Sole Snatcher’ & ‘Sock-o-holic’, ‘Ever-stressed’, to name a few.


We were serenaded throughout the night by the soulful sounds of Rtrs. Kimberly Sommerville and Samuel McDermott as well as Dir. Sandrika Dunkley through their renditions of a few popular Christmas songs. We were also entertained by Sec. Melzetta Smith with her stellar sign language performance.

The Christmas dinner would not have been complete without one of the most important activities for the season; the exchange of Gifts! After several weeks of secret treats and mysteries, all Pixies aka Secret Santas were revealed! Rotaractors and friends exchanged their brightest smiles and warmest hugs as they received or handed over gifts. In the spirit of gift giving, PP Mitch Stephenson received branded wine glasses as small tokens of appreciation from President Vanessa for his warm-hearted assistance in catering to the club.

To top it all off, all attendees received NKRC 2019 Calendars from the Club Service Committee, and President Vanessa revealed to the family of NKRC, the official club website that has been ably created by Rtr Nickquane! The website can be accessed at for all to keep up with all things NKRC and to check out our featured sponsors.

Special thanks for the evening extended to the following persons for their immeasurable contributions: Rtn Mitch- Venue & set-up; Rtr. Nick Morris- Music; Rtr. Nickquane-

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