Fulfilling – Newly Inducted Rotaractor Antoniette tells us more

As a Prospective member I really wanted to get a few questions in about the journey to Induction , there is so much to learn about the balance and ways of NKRC but I had just a few questions for Antoniette, who always seems so quiet , observant with her amazing posture.  Our  Conversation outlined below:

PM Desiann: Hi Antoinette, I have been meaning to ask for a while about your journey from prospective member to Rotaractor. How has it been for you?

Rotaractor Antoinette: My journey has been very fulfilling, though I am not new to the Rotary/Rotaract family. However, in terms of being a member of the NKRC family, I was encouraged at each step of the way by my fellow rotaractors and was made to feel as part of the family from inception.

PM Desiann: was it ever too challenging to create a balance between your personal life and club duties, especially since this is such an active club?

Rotaractor Antoinette: It was never a challenge to create a balance. I am an insurance advisor with Guardian Life Ltd, and as such the nature of my job allows me to be flexible. I am able to structure my time to accommodate work, personal life and club activities where I am able to have balance amongst all.

PM Desiann: What does Antoinette enjoy doing outside of her Rotaract duties?

Rotaractor Antoinette: I am a very sociable person and also very family oriented. So outside of Rotaract duties I am spending time with my family or enjoying time with my friends, whether just going to catch a movie, going for dinner at a restaurant or an early morning beach run. In addition to that I serve on the executive body of my community citizens’ association as the secretary so I am also doing service work at home as well.

PM Desiann:  Advice us prospective members Why NKRC?

Rotaractor Antoniette : I would say NKRC chose me , I went to a Fundraising meeting event before a club meeting, the spirit and passion  of NKRC, along with encouragement from other Rotaractors I knew from UWI got me here !


So guys there you have it , all Prospectives we know this is the place to be ! 

PM Desiann McIntosh


When  you join any organisation we like to blend in , and identify with that organisation as well. I love wearing my shirt and my pin and even my keyring with NKRC Logo, it can be used as a means of recruiting members, and repping your clubs well….hear what Rotaractor Haishaina has to say about her NKRC apparel…..

“I am part of an illustrious organization, Rotaract by extension Rotary which I am truly honored to be associated. It gives me a feeling of, empowerment, achievement and fulfilment being an ambassador. I wear all apparel and emblems (pin or shirt) with pride. All of a sudden my shoulders are square, and my whole demeanor is different. I am conscious of how I behave and aware of the way I speak. When I speak, I am not shy to tell of my great effort to help my community.

I believe I do not need a reason to help anyone.  Wearing the different apparel or emblems allows me to speak up about the help i give. When i speak i do so with one voice I echo my fellow rotaractors, because we share the same vision and dream. I believe people should know that I am helping my community and the world at large; and they can become “a community helper too”. It is always about service above self and in the best case scenario fellowship through service. It is becoming more than you are, reaching out to change the world.

I am elated to be a rotaractor, it means the world to me, so it is important to wear all my apparels and emblems at all times to represent what I do and what I believe in. It is my lifestyle!!!

#mylife #mytime #myclub  #myrotaract #worldchanging #servefromwith ”

Remember for our next meeting please bring no less than two friends ! Lets recruit some quality members and get some community helpers !

Contribution by

Rtr Haishaina

10 Things to KNOW ABOUT NKRC’s Culture

ITS membership month and we will be inducting some “fresh faces” to the pack !!

Well if you don’t know , I will let you know that yes you have to join a committee , and attend our projects and attend meetings.

but there are some things which will happen when you are a NKRC member , you love service and you love the comradery but there’s more to this culture.

  1. The Story : be prepared to learn about the fun times our very first presidents shared and the struggle it took PP Godfrey and outstanding members of the Rotary Club of New Kingston to get NKRC to be born. As he attends our events one of his statements you can listen out for is his proud father moment. 
  2. Past Presidents:   the club has story tellers and please be prepared to see our PP Neville wearing his shiny president Medal , and on April 1 of every year , he has to take us back to the stories of when he ruled and how the club grew since.This is where you learn who was invited by whom, we hear about our PPs and the tremendous work they have done .
  3. NKRC SOAKS IN:   your here to make your mark but before you know we have marked you And your everything NKRC, at home at work , in relationships you are going to say NKRC more than 10times . This is when we know you fall in love the real stew peas way.
  4. Sweet Tooth: its like the members have a tracker on each other , don’t try sneak off the island and sneak in…if u go foreign bring back sweeti for the club…we know you  were away!
  5. PON the BUS !: we encourage you to take a bus ride after you have been to a meeting and done some form of project then the bus ride u never expected  is upon you , with heavy-handed servers ohhhh the vibes on the bus is over the top ! There’s  no one seat for any one person .
  6. At The Lymes :  expect us to be in our good spirits YES ! Rum talks , rum talks lead to debates Political , relationship “haves and haves not” …and somewhere in a corner is  a group with a Naughty conversation (just look where ADRR Ryan is seated).
  7. Hollywell: Our Camping night , rotaractors from near and far come out with us this night.  A night of heated competitions , cuts , scrapes and bruises. Tent making Adrenaline zone , a night of bonding and memories. Please bring own toiletries.
  8. Competitive : one thing I can assure you we love to win , I know everyone loves to win but NKRC don’t really like second or third. This team pulls together for anything , you are new and we want you to know that you made the right choice , so I call it a win in honor of our new members.
  9. The Asphalt posse :  this posse is usually outside after the meeting or after a lyme hosting another lyme , we just can’t get enough! you would have learned about the “asphalt posse” from a asphalt lyme you don’t even know you are in , go back to PP Neville.

10. Enthusiastic members : this club is loaded with happy to do the work members , we make a project look like its   a fellowship , we embrace the rotaract motto Fellowship Through Service, have you met VP KIM? have you been on VP Kims PD trip? We are loaded with energy , they feel they are super rotaractors , who can do the job the best way, with all this enthusiasm you are bound to get a nick name! some people happiness just runs over they have to bus a kiss! Being the life of the party and all its with this energy we roll together  into  an event no matter how boring and we are having all the fun.

congrats on becoming an NKRC member sometime soon or maybe later down, and thank you to all those who fit right in , well at least til you are 30.

Happy Membership Month.

Shawna Brown – Public Relations Director

THE ADRRs PLANS – Goals , District Project and more.

After conducting a precise interview with the new Assistant District Rotaract Representative (ADRR) Ryan Mckenzie from the Rotaract club of New Kingston, he shared with me some of his goals, the district project and his expectations. Here is a brief insight:


(1) To increase regional integration
(2) Ensure that all clubs within my region are functioning at a high standard
(3) Increasing comradery and fellowship within the region
(4) To carry out a regional project awareness campaign towards End Polio
(5) A regional fellowship during world Rotaract week with all Jamaica east community based clubs
(6) I want all my clubs to achieve at least a gold District Rotaract Representative (DRR) award for excellence.ryan

District Project:

The project has 3 elements:

Blood donorship
Promotion and education
Blood donor registration
(Clubs can undertake one or all three projects)

The District project in a nutshell is geared towards creating a network of blood donors and to increase the awareness on the importance of blood donor ship. The project is geared towards the disease prevention and treatment area of focus for rotary. It’s also inline with this years’ Rotary International theme “Be A Gift to the World.”


I expect that Rotaract clubs will be a network of blood donors- while increasing their awareness on the importance of blood donorship. I also expect the different clubs to encourage more persons within the communities to become blood donors and encourage these persons to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will ensure that the donor’s  health is sustained.

There is much to be done but it can be achieved. It is all about service above self.

I hope we are all ready to get that DRR award!!! #GoTeamNkrc
Haishaina Reid

On Behalf of the Public Relations Committee

The Life and Legacy of a Legend – Mandela Day

We begin the Rotaract year still high off the celebrations at our 2015 District 7020 Conference and another successful Rotaract year. Newly elected and re-elected officers are pumped for the great fellowships, friendships and adventures that lies ahead.  As we part with those that have joined the ranks of the Rotaract Alumni and welcome the newbies, bubbling over with fresh-faced youthful exuberance, NKRC starts the year centered on our mission of, ‘selfless service’. We are reminded of the reason we offer such selfless service by a life that personifies ‘Service above Self’, Nelson Madiba Mandela. As we start the Rotaract year it is only fitting we pause to honour the life of an extraordinary individual we should all aim to exemplify.


Nelson Mandela International Day, July 18th, was launched in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s  birthday, in 2009 by unanimous decision of the UN General Assembly. Inspired by a call Nelson Mandela had made a year earlier, for the next generation to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the world’s social injustices, when he stated that “it is in your hands now”. This day marks more than a celebration of Mandela’s life and legacy. It is a global movement to honour his life’s work and acts to change the world for the better.

“What count’s in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we make in the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

On the endless list of things one has and will reap from their Rotaract experience, the ability to Take Action on this call by Mandela, is one of the most enriching experiences. On this day NKRC joins souls all across the world devoted to selfless service under one or more areas of focus: Food Security, Education and Literacy, Shelter and Infrastructure and Service and Volunteerism.

NKRC spent the day with the boys of the Jamaica Christian Boys Home, at 7 Oxford Road; sharing in two areas of focus: Food Security and Service and Volunteerism. We had a mirad of fun activities to keep the boys engaged as we focused on ‘inspiring’  the new generation.

We shared the day with a Counsellor from the South African High Commission, Mr. Philip Riley. He had a fun and interactive presentation; where he educated the boys at the home and NKRC members present of the struggles and triumphs of Mandela.


We started a backyard garden with the boys. Showing them a new skill and the ability to ‘grow what you eat’.



We had an arts and crafts hour where we made boards that encouraged the boys to Dream and be Hopeful.



Shilanda Stewart
NKRC Secretary 2015-2016
Proud Rotaractor!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! – 2015/16 Board

Hey guys we are in another year and for those who have just started visiting our club you are in the right place! For those who are members but still new , we are happy you chose us and we are glad you are apart of this great family.

Remember to choose a committee/s to be apart of to make your NKRC lifestyle more interesting , you are expected to be at meetings and participate in the projects of the club! We want you all to know that the fellowship , which includes our beach lymes, after meeting lymes, birthday lymes, visiting other clubs are also very important.

We are going to continue the great NKRC spirit and we always want you to be involved! Team work is very important and that showed alot last year, IPP Ryan is very happy about the work that we have done and we want to carry that spirit all the way ! Looking forward to a great year in service as we want to promote our theme ” Serve From Within” what does this really mean to you? How much do you believe you can do ? Well there is alot to do but if we do it together we can make a BIG change.

Remember you joined this club for a reason , stay committed to the club , be safe , have fun and Serve!

Happy New Year! 11138642_918777664843719_5841281319559518527_n

11 months later….Soon to be IPP Ryan writes…

Some of our members site seeing

Some of our members site seeing

We’ve come the end!

As I type this message, I can’t help but have that bitter/sweet feeling. Bitter in that we’ve come to the end of a truly great 2014-2015 Rotaract Year and this will be my last month serving as President for our great and beloved NKRC. It has been an absolute privilege to have served as President of this amazing club. But sweet in that we get to not only look back and celebrate our clubs achievements for this year and indeed we have a lot to celebrate but to also move into the 2015-2016 Rotaract Year under the leadership of President Elect Terence Smith and his administration.  

On the point of celebrating accomplishments, at the recently concluded District Conference in St. Maarten, NKRC achieved yet another historic milestone in that we awarded the Platinum DRR’s Award for Excellence for the first time and were named as District 7020 Club of the Year Community Based for the second year running.

This is truly a great accomplishment that would not have happened were it not for all the efforts made by the membership of NKRC, my hardworking executive and board of directors and the many sponsors and supporters that have continued to support us in all our projects and activities. On behalf of the entire membership of NKRC, I thank you all for the continued support and for contribution

to our success.  FB_IMG_1433625584525

In closing, I personally want to thank everyone who gave me your support as I served as President for this great club. Your support and efforts meant a lot to me and it allowed me to help guide our club to achieve what we did this year. Walk good my NKRC family and friends and continue to “Be a gift to the world” and know that you all made a difference of “Helping Hands, Touching Hearts and Changing Lives.” 

Ryan McKenzie

President – Rotaract Club of New Kingston.