Its Friday!!! As you know ADRR RYAN has brought the 3G to reality when we won another Club of the Year.
Fun times began with more lymes our Second SAN PARTY kicked off, the club was now getting familiar with its new star members such as Shanieka, Vanessa and Felisha et al.
PP Ryan has made his year memorable but      has asked us on many occasions to remain humble in what ever task or achievements. He’s  a man loaded with passion, and seems to enjoy ” DOING IT RIGHT”.  He ages out this Rotaract year and we salute him as he knows what it takes to lead and has delivered  to the district a set of standards many look up to . Long Live Our Prince of NKRC3G.
 I can recall my first days being mostly about trying to fit in with the dynamics of NKRC and learning as much as I could about NKRC and Rotaract as a whole.
 I was inducted July 15, 2010 and my friend Gareth Burrowes was the President.
In my year as Club Service Director, our club received a District award for best club service in the district. It was at that point that I began thinking that I could eventually become president.
 I have served as Club Service Director, Fund Raising Director and Vice President. Those experiences all played a significant role in preparing me for my presidency and more importantly, making me a more rounded individual.
 My installation was held at the Courtleigh Hotel. I choose there as that was where NKRC had their first official installation ten years prior. Coincidentally, the room where my installation was held, was also the same room where the first installation ceremony was also held and that for me made the event all the more memorable. I will remember that day for the rest of my life. Having my family, friends and Rotaract family there meant a lot to me.
 The most challenging part of being president had to be managing the different personalities in the club. That experience taught me a lot about people management.
 I think for standout projects for my year, I would have to say the Nannyville Basic School work day projects.  The reason why is that almost the entire club membership were involved on those days getting their hands dirty and rallying around a common and worthwhile cause.
 Overall, because of the great volume of projects and activities that NKRC undertakes, we had a challenge throughout the year getting the membership to come out to attend the projects and activities. Activities attendance was better than service projects but the board and I made adjustments throughout the year to try to improve this and those adjustments saw increased participation levels.
 We inducted 11 members for the 2014-2015 Rotaract year.
 It surely was a challenge balancing Personal, Rotaract and work life but thankfully I had a lot of support from family, friends and of course my Rotaract family so having those support systems made it easier. I also took some Ryan time whenever I could to just reset and get a break from it all.
I am  Involved, Supportive, Loyal, Hardworking, Man for the people.
What Projects would you like to see happen ?
 Any project that involves empowering people I would participate in. Once people are empowered and have the self belief that they can make a difference, that will have a far reaching impact as they themselves are going to want to empower others and continue the chain.
How has NKRC changed you?
too much to type!! But the Ryan who joined NKRC in 2010 is not the same Ryan today. I’ve matured, become more confident, established lifelong friendships and fostered a mindset of giving back for the betterment of our society. Rotaract has also made me more appreciative of what I have in my life. NKRC/Rotaract has changed me for keeps and is one of the best decisions/relationships I have made in my life.
interviewed by
Dir Shanieka Moodie

PP Dane , PD Mingle…

The one we call a man of  the people , the family aspect of NKRC got stronger  among strangers  , the board members of this board held a close friendship which made the work seem like nothing. The Nannyville Breakfast program started under PP Dane as his presidential project led by the then director of Public Relations Shawna.

Dane Anderson

Immediate Past President 2014/2015

Assistant District Rotaract Secretary – 2014/15
Rotaract Club of New Kingston

District 7020 – Rotary International

  • What do you remember about your first days in Rotaract?
    • Small
    • Dedicated
    • New Friends
    • Feeding the Homeless,
    • JFLL
  • Which year were you inducted and who was the president at the time?
  • I was Inducted in April 2009
  • The president at the time of my induction was Julie Ramchandani
  • When did you decide you wanted to become president?
    • This question supposes that I woke-up one day with that desire to become the President. What I can say is when the idea came, that one day I could become president got seeded in my consciousness. Attending my very 1st PETS [President Elect Training Seminar] would give me the great fortune to sit in “Club Secretary” the training being lead by Past President (Rotary Club of Kingston) Rotarian Christopher Issa. As he shared his knowledge and advice, I remember his charge that serving as Club Secretary was fertile training ground for effective Club Presidents.
  • What other roles did you play in the club and how was the experience?

I suppose one can say, each role I served in allowed for the development of the skills required to be an effective President.

  • Secretary 2009/10: The importance of Information and keeping people informed; the foundation of my knowledge of Rotary.
  • Community Service Dir: 2010/11: The importance of that famous sloganJUST-DO-IT”. The importance of the Communal Goal, and seeing the vast resource each individual is.
  • Treasurer: 2011/12: The importance of transparency in protecting the integrity, and viability, of the Club.
  • Vice President: 2012-2013: The value of time, friendship, fellowship, and change.
  • Where your installation was held and how was it?
    • The installation was held in Kingston Jamaica, at the Altamont Court Hotel.
    • The night was a special one, even if it was all probably a bit surreal at the time. Many thanks to my then Installation planning team who refined ever detail, leading-up to and including the night, from what was only a rough concept at the outset. Memorable takeaways include a proud family, a great Guest Speaker, charge from the incoming DG, ringing in the “Rotaract New Year” with my NKRC & wider Rotaract Family.
  • What was the hardest part of being president? (state when you became)
    • I was NKRC’s President for the period 2013/2014
    • Keeping our ambitious agenda and initiatives on track.
    • Ensuring that, especially for my Directors, despite the Hard Work of Service NKRC remained a source of Fellowship & Fun (a reprieve from rougher aspects of life)
  • What project did you find especially engaging/ interesting to work on?
    • Manny things in all areas of service truly engaged me, my Directors really worked hard to expand the scope and reach of our Club’s work. The fostering and expansion of our relationship with Nannyville I consider being an exemplar of this.
    • It was important that we demonstrated our maturity as an organization, this by taking on projects that required commitments over a medium and even long term. This demonstrated by a process of investigation & prioritization of needs, establishing workable sustainable solutions, engaging partners, and implementation. The enhancing of our relationship with Nannyville gave us that opportunity. Seeing the team make, what at 1st seemed like an idealistic goal, work was a true reflection of NKRC’s “CAN-D0”

Our 1st Ever Rotaract Mingle the brain child of the then PD Director Sheena, served as an example of the ingenuity and resourcefulness that makes NKRC Members so special. It was satisfying to see NKRC making its own contribution to youth empowerment & Entrepreneurship.



  • What was membership like then in terms of numbers and activities?
    • Membership peaked at 41 (14 Males, 27 Females).
    • Our activities during 2013-2014, just like they are now, were diverse; they included signature activities and new initiatives, but all with the NKRC Vibes Members, visitors and friends enjoyed.
  • How many members were inducted in your year?
    • In my presidential year there were fourteen active members inducted.
  • How did you manage Rotaract work and personal life?
    • Hmmm, Good one. I don’t think I can say that I got that balance completely right; it was definitely a work in progress. I believe it got better with time. The year started before July 2013, and seemed like it ended after June 2014, but I always tried to ensure it was worth the sacrifices, not for me alone, but for the team.
  • Give 5 words that best describe you as president of NKRC?
    • Attentive
    • Open
    • Responsive
    • Supportive
    • Sleep Deprived
  • If you could do any project in the world what would it be and why?
    • I have many things that have come to give me great interest working in this social scheme, some of the top ones would include:
      1. Youth Mentorship Programmes.
      2. Community based Mico-Finance & Venture Mentorship Schemes.
  • Organization to foster Family & personal financial planning, and take along the road from debt & financial instability.
  1. Implementation of Flipped Classroom (still on Agenda from presidential year) . Benefit the students with technology, and while still allowing our members to give un-going service.
  • All that being said, at the end of the day I realize that the most impactful project are those that serve a need, and in which those it serves have a vested interest in its success & survival.
    • How has NKRC impacted your life?
      • Wow, I guarantee you that this space is not sufficient to adequately illustrate; that said, some of the words that come to mind include:
        1. Confidence
        2. FAMILY
    • Competence
    • Social Growth
    • Professional Growth
      • .Rotary?
        • I am greatly interest to continue my road in Rotary, But I am not sure when or which rotary I will be transferred into.



PP Travis- NANNYVILLE Refurbishing Project

PP Travis has been the leader who in my opinion took NKRC to the “now in business” level of NKRC, he was ready and armed with amazing members who were ready to make his year an Amazing one, the Family aspect began to spread even more as his board came to make a difference. Now you see our Famous Party EVOKE began here as we transitioned from Echo.

More amazing , dedicated members were being inducted , more projects were being done and now NKRC is now a hot bread in Fellowship and Service, he was the Kind of person to lead from the front ensuring now more than ever NKRC got a good amount of media coverage for some projects that we were doing. Members who knew him had made up their minds to follow his path unto Rotary what ever club he choose, mobilizing the unit of NKRC  as he hails from Nannyville this is where our relationship with the school and its community began. Our Evoke ticket selling styles found us with our President in many different parties, selling tickets to Bounty, Konshens , Ding Dong etc. In many clubs explaining what Rotaract is, many people didn’t come but bought tickets. He promoted unity in the club as the club was now becoming diversified.296089_162710643910944_2075521191_n

  • What do you remember about your first days in Rotaract? 

    • My First days in Rotaract would have been my fist days in NKRC. I was introduces to the movement by my brother, and upon attending the meetings and fellow-shipping with the other club members, I felt like I gained additional brothers and sisters. The club was small but effective; and being involved in Social Work and Community Development, I saw my place in the Club, “Community Service”. Because of the small membership, as soon as I became inducted, I because the Director for Community Service. Right then and there, I started the 1 project per month campaign. The Club has  never looked back. Big up NKRC!
  • Which year were you inducted and who was the president at the time? 
    • I was inducted in the year 2008, and Julie Ramchandani was the President at the time.
  • When did you decide you wanted to become president? 
    • I decided I wanted to become President the moment I became nominated as Vice President. I accepted the nomination because I thought it was the next step for me after serving 2 years as Community Service Director and 1 year as International Service Director.

  • What other roles did you play in the club and how was the experience? 

    • I served 2 years as Community Service Director, 1 year as International Service Director, 1 Year as Vice President and 1 year and Immediate Past President.

Where was your installation held and how was it? 

  • My Installation was held at the Lavished spacious residence of  Mr and Mrs Ramchandani (Parent of PP Julie Ramchandani). I chose this venue because it was spacious, accommodating and had that feeling of Family. We used to keep our board meetings and club lymes there; so the NKRC family felt an affinity to the space. The Installation Cerement was excellent, I felt so Royal and Distinguished. The entire club was present, looking good and feeling good. My special guest performer was Reggae Sensation “Kabaka Pyramid”, who pleased the audience with an acoustic set. My guest speaker was “Kevin Wallen”, Harvard World Fellow, Trainer and International motivational speaker.  Mr Wallen brought some people to tear, he inspired many and emphasized the fact the as a service club, our purpose was to create positive change in the life’s of persons. Present was my wife, daughter, family members and Friends. It was the best Installation Ceremony that I’ve ever attended…Wow!

What was the hardest part of being president? (state when you became) 

The Hardest part of being a president is really managing the various personalities on the board, and ensuring that members on the club with responsibilities understand the concept of 1 Rotaract; and we are carrying out a mission and not a competition. Also I had to consistently work with my team to ensure that our club stood out in the district as a hard working, fun and dynamic club; and to ensure that NKRC provided the most support to activities and meetings carried out by other clubs. NKRC was the club to be in, and my task was to ensure I left the club in a better financial, membership and impactful position than where I got it.
What project did you find especially engaging/ interesting to work on? 

I enjoyed working with the girls at the Homestead place of safety. We did a project/initiative there once every quarter. I remember every visit the I used to energies the girls by DJ’ing a song called “Craven mi Craven”, that spoke about a person that was “hungry belly” and ate everything in sight. What was special about these series of projects was the fact that the girls were always in a better place after interacting with us through Career Day activities, Movie Matinee, Christmas Treat, Yoga Session and Life Skills.
What was membership like then in terms of numbers and activities? 

Club Membership during my year was approximately 36 members. Our Club received a Gold award from the District 7020. Our numerous projects, fund raising, Club service activities and Vibrant meetings propelled the club to a next level, where events and activities became bigger and better.

How did you manage Rotaract work and personal life? 

I intertwined Rotaract with other elements of my personal and professional life. My work, Rotaract and my Foundation are all service agents. I just used the opportunity of carrying out initiatives to get all my partners and friend associated with activities as partners and stakeholders.  For it was fun.

Give 5 words that best describe you as president of NKRC? Pressi, Consultative, Positive, Impactful, 1 Rotaract!

Years later, how has life been since Rotaract? (for those who aged out) 

Presently I’m now a Rotarian. I am a Member of the Rotary Club of New Kingston. I also am a Parish Manager at the Social Development commission. Additionally I founded Touching Hearts Foundation which does Proposal writing, Project Management, projects and programs. I’m still and forever will be into rot act club of New Kingston.

If you could do any project in the world what would it be and why? 

I would do a Social Enterprise, so through the project, other persons can generate income. Each community has their unique resources; we need to harness resources  through projects so that the business can operate its own, and income can be generates.


PP Suresh has inducted a new generation of NKRC members , those that joined in 2012 become friends after they have joined Rotaract, and still cling to each other today, Shawna  , Sheena Taylor, Sean, Nasharie, President Terence ( Trudy Will, Vivette (PP Travis) to name a few .  He highlights that you need  to be ready for a role while here in NKRC and be able to multitask in Posts.


What do you remember about your first days in Rotaract?

PP Suresh: … because Rotaract in my year or back then was a different Rotaract based on what I’m seeing now. (In)my Rotaract year the club was pretty much dying, we only had about 6 or so active members and 6 was a lot then. So, most persons actually had multiple positions. So one person would be VP as well as Sarge or Community Service Director as well as Treasurer. So, it was like a crack team, everybody had to do everything and pull their weight and that’s how I came about into Rotaract. Past President Neville Graham, we were friends from high school, and he was the one that said, ‘You know what, come to Rotaract, you know, offer your services.’ But he was selling it as a place to network. So I don’t think the whole aspect of community service [came about] until being (I was in) in Rotaract for a good 3 months. So yeah, that’s how I started off, I started off for networking purposes. And I think that was around 2009, yeah March 2009 when I went to my first meeting for NKRC.

Which year were you inducted and who was the president at the time?

PP Suresh: Joining Rotaract within the first 3 meetings I was inducted. Because they didn’t have much members. So that’s the thing, I joined (got inducted) in March, PP Julie Ramshandani was president at the time. (PP Neville Graham was VP Elect) so in July it would hand over to PP Neville and because there wasn’t any members, as I said before, I automatically became Treasurer. So now we had to work and go on committees, everything was just fast tracked.

When did you decide you wanted to become president?

PP Suresh: Never really had a choice, same thing again (the club was small and had limited members to fill necessary roles), It was PP Neville who tried to grow the club so he invited myself and other friends from high school and University and I guess because I would have been somewhat senior compared to the others. You had PP Garth Burrows who would have been VP at that time and because there was no one else (competent enough) to be VP, I became VP. And VP automatically changes from VP to President. So we just groomed everyone from early (on). This is where the club is going so you need to be this person, you need to be that person. You saw the value of it, and yeah networking was apart of it and everything just fell into place.  

What other roles did you play in the club and how was the experience?

PP Suresh: So I was Treasurer then VP then President.

Follow up Question: I know you said the club was small and at times members had to play multiple role, did you have to fill dual roles whilst on the Board of the Club?

PP Suresh: Well as VP, I had to be on everybody’s board (committee). I had to be on Community Service, Professional (Development) Service (and) Public Relations because we never had much members. I think that has enabled me to better understand my Presidency because you know what we expected, back then, and you had a feel of what each committee wanted and where it needed to go. So, I think that is why our (Rotaract) system of VP automatically becoming President work hand in hand. You have one year to learn the things and your President year to apply what you have learnt. So you’re not really bombarded and overwhelmed by the things that are required of you.

Where was your installation held and how was it?

PP Suresh: My installation was held at Rotaractor Sheeka’s house. We were trying to save because most people at that time, not just us but other clubs, they were going the route of hotels and getting a package. As you know all installations occur at the same time so we were trying to cut cost to allow other persons to support us and to enable our members to support the other clubs. So it was like a poolside garden theme installation. It was actually a nice one.

What was the hardest part of being president? (state when you became)

PP Suresh: I became President in 2011. The hardest thing is pleasing everybody. That’s the issue I had. Everybody had strong views, passionate about Rotaract on a hold and you were just the one being the mediator for everyone. And it was a very difficult line to draw between being friend and leader for everybody. And that created a lot of conflict within the club; and I’m sure this is something that every President has gone through. Trying to have synergy with everybody, trying to achieve the objectives and goals, not because they are difficult but because of the various personalities, as mentioned before. Some may feel as if one person isn’t doing it correctly or one person is getting too much attention or maybe their idea they don’t see as important in growth of the club. So it’s not a matter of NKRC anymore (but) cliques start to develop. Persons trying to underhand the other, trying to out-do each other. Trying to disrupt the club on a whole (He stated that it’s something that he not only experienced in his year but observed in other members Presidency.)You just have to put down your foot eand try to see what the best thing for the club on a whole. (I think we can overcome this conflict if) people respect the position and not the person for the whole benefit of the organization.

What project did you find especially engaging/ interesting to work on?

PP Suresh: My year we had a lot of projects. We used to volunteer at Saxthorpe Missonary [Methodist] Church to help with adult literacy. So we probably teach the students basic Math and English that was a project we have always been apart of. The project we tried to finalize was building a computer lab for the Homestead Place of Safety for Girls’. So we were able to get computers, get it networked, with internet and what not. Just make it a nice study area for the girls (be)cause they didn’t have anything like that. They didn’t have computers or typewriters at that point in time.

Typewriters? :  Yes typewriters to practice Office Procedures or anything business related so they could probably learn typing.

So we got computers, a little room that we secured and just made it available for them.

(I informed PP Suresh that JFLL was a project we are still involved in. He was happy to know that we maintained a constant presence with the organization.) The adults really appreciate us going there.

What was membership like then in terms of numbers and activities?

(PP Suresh had touched on it before that the membership was relatively small and there weren’t many active members)

PP Suresh: Well we were in a lot of activities. The first one I remembered was helping with GSAT preparations or students at Swallowfield Church. This was a Saturday activity. We also, teach GSAT level students Math (and) English and provide lunch to all of them as well. The other was JFLL.  Homestead, yes we used to visit Homestead quite a few times. We used to have Career Day, as well as movie days, Christmas Treats, Summer Treats as well. We used to spend a lot of time with the Homestead Place of Safety. Of course you have the regular activities we’d take part in: Labour Day projects, painting activities (and) beautification. I remember one activity we did was beautification of Duhaney Park’s Community Centre. And we partnered with other clubs.

We had trips, professional development trips. That’s when we started the whole Appleton Trip, we started that in my year. We also started Survivor, it was started in PP Garnett’s year and continued in my year. That was good it helped to build camaraderie with persons. 

How many members were inducted in your year?

PP Suresh: I think nine (9) members, well nine there about. It was supposed to be fourteen but they never completed so they were inducted in the next Rotaract year.

How did you manage Rotaract, work and personal life?

PP Suresh: A lot of things had to go on the backburner. It was very consuming. I used to do a lot of things before Rotaract and I had to put them back. I used to go diving, I used to go hiking, I used to go out a lot but Rotaract became intertwined with everything else. So probably going out it wouldn’t be just friends only, it would be Rotaractors/ friends, going to the beach, Rotaractors/friends. So, I wasn’t difficult to strike a balance. I think that’s why I haven’t transitioned over to Rotary as yet. I kinda want some time to myself because after leaving (my) presidency I was District Treasurer that again took up time. And this is the one clear year without doing anything Rotaract. I gave up District Treasurer last Conference.   


So you weren’t loud or big personality, you were more somber? : Yeah. The thing about it though when it comes on to this question I think its best you ask members who were in my year. (He noted that we are apt to recall negative interactions and may use that as the general consensus of the group and stated the other members would be better able to describe his personality. He was put in position that he had to make difficult decisions that were far from his personality so for that he see himself at the other extreme of the spectrum as ‘tyrannical’.) … I see myself as a person who is easy going, and wants everyone to have a knowledge and understanding of what’s going on.

One year later, how has life been since Rotaract? (for those who aged out)

PP Suresh: It has been great, (chuckles). I think because I’ve been in there (Rotaract) for so long you had the feeling of being burnt out. As you said, Rotaract is not just first and third Thursdays. It is really every day, every weekend gone, every weekday gone, it can be very consuming. I can actually sleep in later on a Saturday, I’ve missed that. (Usual NKRC Saturday) there is an activity, then after the activity you meet up for food, you lyme then late in the night you might have something else. Then Sunday you might have board meetings.

If you could do any project in the world what would it be and why?

PP Suresh: Any project in the world? Well, I think I would want to create my own project. In primary school we would do this course called ‘Civics’. I don’t think it’s taught in schools anymore. And I (have) realize(d)the way Jamaica is going, certain things that one would expect from our citizens, it is not the case. So I don’t know if it’s just persons views or persons aren’t taught certain things; this came about because of the whole promotion of ‘Don’t Dutty Up Jamaica’. And I’m saying to myself, in this day and age we are really spending money on media promotions to tell people how to clean their surroundings. I think instead of probably focusing on the world, we should focus on what we have here in Jamaica. It would be an education programme. I don’t know if it would be fruitful but at least to say well this has been applied. If it works, excellent, if not, then something else has to be done. Something is missing when it comes on to us as Jamaicans. It has sparked also with Riverton as well things like this. Cleanliness, civic pride, value as citizens. We need to try and reclaim it, if not reclaim it someone has to teach it.  And I think that is something I want to be apart of. And I would start from the kids, well I’m sure the kids are learning it but it’s going missing along the way, with them transitioning from kids to adults. So it’s not really a world project but a home project that I think would benefit us as human beings and as Jamaicans. It’s good that we’re helping our fellow man on a global level but it would be good also that we focus on home, as well. The issues we are having in the healthcare, Sickle Cell, Diabetes and Hypertension we could focus on that.

We (members of NKRC during his presidency) started an Autism Awareness (campaign) during my year (as president). We used to work with JASA. I don’t know if you guys still do that. (We focused on) the awareness of autism (and) the growing numbers in Jamaica. It doesn’t have to be a big project. Just something that applies to Jamaica and builds Jamaica.

How has NKRC impacted your life?

PP Suresh: I think the main thing that resonates with me, (as it pertains to) the impact of NKRC its understanding or having more empathy towards persons feelings. In growing up, of course the person you interacted with would be persons you chose to be around, friends, of course your family and NKRC you don’t really have that choice. (NKRC) it’s a service club, so everyone is just thrown in there as a mix and because of the common goal that you’re trying to achieve you have to deal with every individual. And then you still have to be aware that your views, not to be cocky or insensitive but because it’s your view you may feel it’s the right view, which is not necessarily the case. It has taught me to have a greater understanding of human beings. Their views, their feelings, their desires, their ambitions and I think what I’ve learnt, or (better yet) what I’ve observed, these are people you will experience in your years to come. I haven’t been able to experience this in my job. With my job my employees and my colleagues, we are small nit group, we haven’t had any conflicts. So, I wasn’t able to learn that there. So I think it (my NKRC experience) has made me a better person when it comes on to understanding human emotions as well as trying to understand mine. So I thinks that’s the way NKRC came into play for me.

Follow up question. So you had a lot of personal growth…? :

PP Suresh: You wanted the club to go in a particular direction, if let’s say someone had a certain view and it may not work into the whole scheme of things. Because each club has their budget each club, I mean board has their vision and you didn’t want to stifle anybody’s opinions either because NKRC was a place for them to grow. Some persons may not have had that in their previous years and this is a place where they would have been comfortable. … Do you know (Rtr.) Ana? (PP Suresh was informed that Rtr. Ana was to be the assistant District PR on the 2015-2016 District 7020 board). Rtr. Ana has been the most dedicated NKRC member EVER! Ana does not interact readily with member of NKRC, so NKRC is her place to grow, so it affords you the opportunity to help (Rtr.) Ana to become the individual that she wants to become.

Bonus Question!!!

So what advice you have for a Secretary?

PP Suresh:  Try not to get overwhelmed, first and foremost. I recommend that you have a relationship with your PR director. Because the PR or you may do things contrary to what you (or them) are trying to achieve. To avoid conflict always have constant dialogue with the other. Try to establish who will control the Facebook page, Twitter and social media pages. And ensure that everyone gives you things on time.

…Try and find your own self in the position. Do not be overshadowed. If it works for you it works. As long as it gets the job done. As long as it’s effective in fulfilling the goals of NKRC.  …So nothing is hard and fast.

Happy 12th Birthday NKRC!



We turn 12 today ! what an amazing 12 years, the club has grown from just a few friends volunteering to one on the best clubs in District7020.

At age 12 Fundraisers and Projects are our just amazing ! Pat your selves on the back NKRC for delivering fine projects and fine events!

A PRESIDENTS  POEM… as president Terence sits back and thinks about his NKRC , he writes:

twas a nice and breezy Thursday evening, the stars were aligned and all was well with the world as NKRC came into being and Universe found balance😌. 12 years of ups and downs and thorough it all NKRC has remained undaunted and continues to set the bar (and raise it) as it strives to embody the true meaning of service. Today is a day if celebration, to be proud of your club, my club, our club. To celebrate our contribution whether small or large to the legacy of NKRC. Happy birthday to the number 1 club in the District. #loveMyNkrc #You’veNeverHeardofus?#Cashewjuice#Platinum#Cluboftheyear.


PP Gareth the Great, Hollywell trips

Gareth Burrowes President 2010 – 2011

So maybe you joined the club and have been on a Hollywell Trip called “SURVIVOR” but this was actually started by then VP Gareth and Strengthen as he was president, there’s a story that is being told that a group of members were lost while hiking and PP Gareth went up in hills head wrapped with a staff like Moses (bible story), came back down and said ” its this way” yes his faithful club followed him !

On a serious note  he also did a Post Grad Seminar which Focused on encouraging  young adults to continue their studies.

as you can see we got real busy at this time which we still continue to be , doing three projects per month .

  1. What do you remember about your first days in Rotaract?

I remember Rotaract being a circle of friends. We enjoyed just being together, working together and helping the community around us.

  1. Which year were you inducted and who was the president at the time?

I was induced it 2008 and the president was Julie Ramchandani

  1. When did you decide you wanted to become president?

I never did.

  1. What other roles did you play in the club and how was the experience?

I was club service director, Fundraising director. Both these roles made me understand the importance of planning and delegation. It allowed gaining skills that were practical.

  1. Where was your installation held and how was it?

My installation was held at Morgans Harbor with the ocean view. I t was lovely afternoon; we had DR. Neville Graham as the guest speaker.

  1. What was the hardest part of being president? 

The hardest part of being president was managing different people personalities and making difficult discussions that may not be popular.

  1. What project did you find especially engaging/ interesting to work on?

I always liked the teaching adults in our teaching program we assisted in on Monday nights.

  1. What was membership like then in terms of numbers and activities?

We had around 22 members and we had a around 2 to 3 activities a month

  1. How many members were inducted in your year?

I believe around 8 members

when you look at it the tradition of NKRC began and continues like we are all related and its as if we have known each other a long time. 

Interviewed  by  RTR Kelesha Dunkley

additions by Shawna T Brown

PP Neville,”asphalt lyme” ERA.

We can really call Rotarian Neville a Good shepherd , a few of us know the history of this fun loving  dedicated young  man. There is a reason we call him the Grand father   of NKRC,   he has inducted members who induct members who are also presidents and then Boom the club is 30odd in membership. We have used PP Neville’s Pool and houses for many of our fundraisers and events. The friendship made Rotaract Club who developed the phrase “asphalt lyme” and always being the life of the party started in this Era of the NKRC lifestyle.

What do you remember about your first days in rotaract?

My first interaction with rotaract was me visiting a meeting. This meeting was held at Eden Gardens on a Thursday evening. The club held a discussion about man and woman, love and sex.  It was interactive. I liked it, even though I was just a visitor I felt welcome and was allowed to participate in the discussion.

  1. Which year were you inducted and who was the president at the time?

I was Inducted in the year 2007. The president at the time of my induction was Camille.

  1. When did you decide you wanted to become president?

I became president by default.  The then vice president decided to not become president, and based on the amount of members in the club at the time, which was a small amount I was the only one left to become president.

  1. What other roles did you play in the club and how was the experience?

I had many roles in the club. The club had limited members so I filled many positions. I was treasurer at one time, public relations, club service, fundraising directors and finally a sarge.  It was a very tiring experience. I got to learn a lot about rotaract in one year and that was the best part about holding so many positions.

Where was your installation held and how was it?

It was held at Mona Visitors Lodge. It was very well planned. Julie the past president has a good network of people so they all helped the event to turn out well maybe even more than I had expected.

What was the hardest part of being president? (when you became)

The hardest part about being president was dealing with the different personalities. I had to work with everyone differently and it made my job twice as hard. The first initiative was getting the task done then secondly is taking into account the persons’ personality.

What project did you find especially engaging/ interesting to work on?

The project that I found especially interesting, were the Mustard Seed project. It allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone. We visited the children who were deformed and I was not used to being about children looking this way so it was a little difficult for me, but at the same time it proved rewarding. Just socializing with them, I got such a great response out of them.  That project is one of my most favorite and the most impactful I have been on.

What was membership like then in terms of numbers and activities?

When I joined there were roughly fifteen (15)- twenty (20) active members. The year before I became president it went down to less than ten (10). That is when I started to invite my friends and many other persons I knew. Starting my year as president it went down to less than five (5) then up to twelve (12) then at the ending of my year it was up to about twenty.

How many members were inducted in your years?

There were twelve persons inducted in my year.

How did you manage rotaract work and personal life?

I bridged the gap between friends and rotaract by inviting my friends to my meetings. In terms of personal life, I had a girlfriend that had a problem with my rotaract life, this however eventually dissolved. My work place Petrojam was very accommodating of my rotaract life. I was able to go to my meetings, complete rotaract projects in work hours and was even able to print rotaract related materials at work. My boss, I felt, loved the idea of giving back to the community so that is why it did not bother him too much me being an active rotaractor.

Give five (5) words that best describe you as a president of NKRC?

The five words that best describes me as a president are: Hardworking, dedicated, active, committed and understanding , 

How has life been since rotaract?

I left the club less than two years ago, and I am still coming to meetings. Rotaract has had a big impact on me so I still keep coming back. Life has been great and rotaract has taught me much of what I use today in everyday life.If you could do any project in the world what would it be and why?

I would like to implement a water management program. This project would highlight clean water, distribution of water and availability of water;  especially getting clean water to people who need it most all over the world.

How has NKRC impacted your life?

Rotaract has impacted my life greatly almost in every aspect. It has helped me develop generally. It has brought me new associates. It has made me understand how Jamaica really is.


Rotary is different,  I do appreciate rotary, but I believe if I went straight to rotary without having done rotaract I would have appreciated it more. I appreciate what they stand for. I am there to make a difference even though it is not where I want it right now I believe that I am the person to change it. Leaving or stepping back I do not believe will be the solution.