More about Newly Inducted …Lavina

I was a Rotaractor at Northern Caribbean University where I enjoyed the fellowship and the many community outreach projects that we executed. As such, I decided to find a club in Kingston after I came back home. I have observed the value and standard that the New Kingston Rotaract Club strive to achieve and I believe that I can also add my bit. While, learning and developing as a young professional.
How I found out about the club?
Well I spoke to NCU Past President Barry and told him that I wanted to get back involve with Rotaract. I told him I’m back in Kingston and he sent me the names of some clubs. I then went on Facebook and sent a message ( with my nuff self lol) and I got a response. This club made me feel welcome from the first time I visited and so I decided that this is one I want to be associated with.
I am a Member Service Officer at the Insurance Employees Co-Operative Credit Union. My job entails mostly loan processing and ensuring that the members queries are resolve. One aspect of my job that I enjoy is being able to communicate with people from various background and culture. I have a Bachelors in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Television Production.  My current Job is not my dream job but it is a start, and it is allowing me the chance to communicate, which is what I enjoy, plus I love to challenge myself.
I love sports, animals, photography, videography and performing arts.
My goal is study for my Masters before I’m thirty, there are so many things I want to achieve, that I confuse myself some times. I see myself owning my own production company. I want to inspire people with my journey and that is a long story.
Apart from the 4-Way Test, I also center my life around this quote from Maya Angelou:
“My Mission in Life is not merely to survive, but to Thrive; and to do so with Some Passion, Some Compassion, Some Humor and Some Style”
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“Unravelling the Year Ahead – 2016”

Goals. Resolution. Dreams. Intentions. Aspirations.
Some of these words (maybe all) are commonly used at this time of the year. We often times look to the future, set goals to achieve and hopefully implement changes in our lives.
For the upcoming year, I encourage all of us to set these goals. Dream Big! Think about where you are in all aspects of your life and see where you want to be at the end of the year. After all, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”. Most persons will say that it is a never ending cycle that happens each year and making these goals that you will never realize is a waste of time. I encourage you to challenge yourself! Make this upcoming year the one to achieve your dreams or make a start in doing so. There are many steps, there may be hurdles and it will take time but I am a true believer in the saying “nothing tried, nothing done”.
As we set these goals, remember to make special considerations for others around us. We live in a world that is in need in every way and our homeland Jamaica is no exception. We can consider looking at Rotary’s six areas of focus and make personal goals around them to help anyone who is in need. As Rotaractors, we can all attest to the fulfillment we receive after helping the less fortunate. We can set these personal goals and experience the rewarding feeling of accomplishment throughout the new year. Rotary and Rotaract also gives opportunities throughout the year to participate in events held overseas including the Rotaract Conference and RYLA. You may set goals to travel and experience different cultures and meet persons from many countries. Past and current NKRC members can attest to those fulfilling experiences when asked to give an account of their visits.
Declare your wish for 2016! Write it down and say it aloud!
Imagine yourself as at December 31, 2016. You are one year older and one year wiser. Where have you been? What have you done? Where to do want to be?
Believe that everything is possible in 2016!
Happy New Year my fellow Rotaractors and I will see you in 2016!
Kimberley A. Lindo
Vice President (2015 – 2016)
Rotaract Club of New Kingston
District 7020

Rtr Vanessa , the Policy analyst

What are the duties of your job? van

As Policy Analyst, I conduct research, review, revise and develop policies that are geared towards the care and protection of children in Jamaica, as well as spearhead amendments to legislations that are to safeguard the rights of the child. A significant portion of my job also entails aspects of strategic planning so I prepare the strategic documents for my division. Those include operational plans, balanced scorecard and sector targets.


Is this your ideal job? If not describe your ideal job?

At this present stage of my life, yes it is.


Why did you choose this profession?

The profession really was a by-product of the courses that intrigued me at UWI. During undergrad, I did some electives in public management and I was taken in by them. The processes of government, the impact that can be had when there is adherence to the rule of law, the functions of government and the manner in which the development of the state was pretty much dependent on there being a structured and committed public body. So when I completed undergrad, I knew that I had to pursue this area of study further because I was pretty much impassioned by the way that change and development can be effected through the policies of the public body.


What is your favorite part of your job (lunch time doesn’t count)?

Research is a large part of what I do, and sometimes one can get pretty immersed in the issue that is being investigated (researched). But the best part is when you have produced that document and the contents of the document are further used to inform ministerial decisions and you get to witness the results from the implementation of those decisions.

Lunch time is a pretty good time too. Lol! I get some of my best ideas when I’m having good food. *sheepish grin*


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

An educated housewife. *straight face*

If that doesn’t happen (which would be really unfortunate) In the next 5 years I would have completed doctoral studies and will be working in a senior managerial role focused on strategic management while also engaged in academia.


What is one of your proudest professional accomplishments?

During my Msc studies I worked on campus with the Academic Support Unit (ASU) which is housed within the Office of Student Services and Development. The primary focus of the ASU was to provide academic assistance to students who were struggling in particular courses and were on the verge of flunking. Being able to coordinate a programme that witnessed so many students not only passing the courses but also qualifying for graduation has been my proudest accomplishment to date.


What keeps you motivated each day?

The knowledge that all that I do today will affect change in the life of a fellow citizen tomorrow; particularly the lives of children, who I believe are the most vulnerable of the population.

Also, that each experience that I have now is preparing me for the unknowns of the future.


If you had to sell your profession to a new member, what would be your words to that person?

First off, I am aware that my profession is not for everyone. To some it may seem quite mundane. But if you are genuinely driven by the charge to effect change in a long term way, to establish frameworks for holistic developments and to ensure that the proper legislations are in place to safeguard the lives around us, then definitely the public body is where you belong.


Does your involvement in Rotaract help you to develop professional skills? How?

Definitely. It helps me to realize that there is never a command of the varying personalities among us. Each person and situation may require a different approach. It also forces me to practice proper time management skills and to create that balance between, work, volunteerism, family and play while also enhancing my people management, planning and implementation skills


What is that one thing that would totally shock your mother if she found out?

Lol! That I have started bike riding lessons. She would be petrified of the idea of me riding a motor bike.


Tell one thing about you that members of NKRC wouldn’t know about you

I’m seriously afraid of thunder and lightning. – _-


Using the fifth letter in your name, tell us about Vanessa.

Sensitive. Vanessa is able to quickly realize and react to slight changes; changes in a situation, changes from a person or just within the environment. Realizing is one thing, but the ability to respond timely and effectively, requires a certain level of sensitivity. She also has a very keen appreciation of other people feelings. Although some persons may think that she is quite blunt, [which she can be], she is actually quite measured and most times will assess her utterances in juxtaposition with the recipient and the situation because she has the awareness that personalities differ and not everyone has that thick skin that life often calls for.


Strategic. Vanessa is a planner by nature. She has the ability to see a whole picture and dissect it into parts and systematic steps quite effectively. She views things in terms of structure, steps and output, almost everything adds up to something else and every effort must lead somewhere. She is the person who will think through an idea thoroughly and generate a whole concept map of how to achieve the end product.

PD Committee – Expose Yourself

Merry Christmas !


“Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the new born….”

Another quarter has come and gone and the Christmas season is upon us. It’s amazing all that we’ve done in the past three months (we’ve abondoned the tree climbing antics and have moved on to shuttling persons to our events) and this only speaks to how much growth has taken place. As a club we have grown closer as a family and it is this bond that keeps us strong.

With that being said i’d like to remind you all that as we get ready to celebrate another Christmas and spend time with our loved ones, let’s not forget those who are less fortunate than us. Those who may not have any ham, pork or sorrel this Christmas. As Rotaractors let’s continue to reach out and make a difference during this Christmas. Remember the neighbour who may not be able to make/buy a christmas cake, the old lady/man who has no family to share the season with, the little boy/girl whose parents can’t afford to make Santa pay a visit to that house. It is indeed the season of giving so let us continue to do what we do best as Rotaractors and help those in need.

May your Christmas be full of joy and laughter and the new bring renewed hope and happiness.

“…peace on earth and mercy mild…”

Your President,


a Moment with Prezzi…


What are the duties of your job?

Ans: In a nutshell I handle anything cost related for a project; mainly construction.  Preliminary estimates, contract documents, Bill of Quantities, cost projections etc.

Is this your ideal job? If not describe your ideal job?

Ans: Commercial Pilot.

Why did you choose this profession?

Ans: When I decided to do a first degree the dynamism of the course appealed to me, as a Q.S. you can function in range of industries/sectors.  It provides the opportunity for one to develop in a wide range of fields.

What is your favorite part of your job (lunch time doesn’t count)?

Ans: Well since lunch time doesn’t count there’s not much left to say is there, or does the end of the work day count? On a serious note though I would have to say it’s the process of initiating a new project and seeing the it physically come to life before you, from design to completion.

  1. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Ans: If I’m not flying the friendly skies then I’d have completed my masters by then, working as a built environment professional as well as lecturing.

What is one of your proudest professional accomplishments?

Ans:  Supervising two sets of Q.S interns from Utech. Not a professional accomplishment in its true sense but helping to nurture and develop those who are the future of the industry is truly a rewarding experience.

What keeps you motivated each day?

Ans: Dolla dolla bills yow.  Seriously though it’s knowing that the experience I’m gaining now (good or bad) will serve well when I decide to make my mark in the industry.

If you had to sell your profession to a new member, what would be your words to that person?

Ans: If you seek a profession that acts as a channel for further growth within the built environment then Quantity Surveying is the perfect option.

Does your involvement in Rotaract help you to develop professional skills? How?

Ans: Definitely.  Being exposed to the myriad of professional and personal development opportunities afforded by Rotaract it’s hard for one not grow both from a club and a professional aspect. Specifically PETS over the years, NKRC’s PD workshop and PD Weekly have made me a more rounded professional.


Rtr Kelesha Dunkley- PD Expose yourself !

Dir. Thadene EXPOSED!

Thadene Gibson

Property Administrator – Enforcement Squatter Management


What are the duties of your job?

My main duties include: supervising my staff of 29 persons, investigating and monitoring lands and carrying out eviction & demolition processes.

-It is somewhat. My ideal job is being out in the field and working (where it doesn’t feel like I’m working).

Why did you choose this profession?

-Initially, I selected the diploma course in Land Economy & Valuation Surveying (the course you need to do to be in this post at work) because one is able to branch out into a number of disciplines (Real Estate, Land Valuation, Land Administration, Property Management etc.) & because this course seemed like the only one I could get into at the time; I liked it and continued with the bachelors degree. Why do I stick with it? No one property case is the same and the career doesn’t feel monotonous.

What is your favorite part of your job (lunch time doesn’t count)?

-My favourite part is being out in the field, I travel islandwide so it’s not easy for work to get old. Even if you’ve been to most parts in a parish, work takes you to a remote, bushy section of that same parish. I also like when I’m able to assist a person with applying for a property that they are able to get, instead of having to evict or demolish that structure. I work sometimes 7:00 a.m. to 10:00p.m. -11:00 p.m.; that’s my least favourite part.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?FB_IMG_1445954505245

-Ideally as a Manager or Director in any discipline of Valuation Surveying. Or an entrepreneur with a business that means something and benefits people somehow.

What is one of your proudest professional accomplishments?

-I think it would be re-starting collections in a settlement that was thought to be volatile. The settlement was about to be written off because no one wanted to deal with it because it had a history of violence. Luckily, we got the support of settlers and re-started collecting. Let’s say it would have been a pretty penny to write off.

What keeps you motivated each day?

-What drives me is what has driven me since I started working at the NLA –doing my best at whatever position I am, and doing my little part to leave my department in a better place than I saw it. If you focus on why you do what you do, work becomes easier. I do what I do in my unit to restore order and to ensure that every property I am aware of and monitor is effectively managed.

If you had to sell your profession to a new member, what would be your words to that person?

-As previously stated, my profession has different disciplines you can branch out to, or you can be your own boss or on a small scale do all disciplines. This profession allows you to mitigate against the economy somewhat and not get stuck in one type of work. That’s always good when deciding a course or career, especially if you haven’t found your ‘dream career’.

Does your involvement in Rotaract help you to develop professional skills? How?

Absolutely. I think just being a part of the professional development committee helps me to sharpen my professional skills when speaking to staff, taking part in meetings and even speaking with people in the field. I think in the past we (in our unit) tend to get a bad rap of how we deal with people in the field but professional etiquette is still key when working with people. I tend to take notes from the PD Weeklies and use them in my daily work when dealing with staff and building my own confidence as a ‘young’ supervisor and I use the snippets from the protocol minutes to ensure proper etiquette is used when dealing with work colleagues.-

Thats all for now! who will be exposed next?

Rtr Kellesha Dunkley

PD Committee

ENDING POLIO – the fight for what you believe in.

EVERY year as Rotarians , Rotaractors …around the middle to the ending of October, the world gets educated on Polio, our status globally and Rotary’s Pledge. We embrace this idea , we love the feeling that we are doing all that we can  to save and rid the world of Polio. It isnt just about fighting for a Polio free world that Rotary is teaching us, but i think they have used this END POLIO Mission which began in 1979 only looking at  the Phillipines at the time, which then spurred to other poor countries.

The more we know about Polio the more  I wonder what if Rotary said no to POLIO? DId they know they were gonna get #thisClose?

Before the Polio vaccine was created by Jonas Salk, at its Peak Polio Paralyzed and killed up to half a million people per year. This new fight by Rotary international from the 70s to date has shown that us as Rotaractors are never to feel small when there is a large task ahead, fight for it.

Dont ever be silent just to fit with the wrong , you know the truth , Fight for it.

With all these new age diseases and virus we are experiencing that affects most   and some times all of the Population we cant just sit back and wait for the officials to do their jobs, which may take a while . This campaign has taught most of us that it is not one person’s job , but a job for us all. The Fight to eradicate Polio has not just been a fight for Rotary to win ,but as human beings with morals we can also look around and see what more we can do for others. What is truly your mission?

This mission has been around for ages, and we  celebrate the achievement every year, but look within your own country see what you can help with. Its not always left up to the government its also your country, say YES to safer hospitals, say yes to safe sex, say yes to taking proper measures to ensuring that your neighborhood is safe from disease carrying animals, say yes to being your brothers keeper… WHAT IF ROTARY SAID NO TO POLIO?

Polio, like smallpox, only infects humans. Polio spreads by person-to-person contact; the virus lives in the throat and in the intestines. 

Volunteers that risk their lives going into violent zones are heroes of the world , they have touched so many lives. We are the world , it doesnt have to be a big project like Polio eradication but something that matters to someone makes you a hero.

Reading at a elderly home, tutoring at JFLL, Feeding the Homeless, repaint a school, send cute messages in brown paper bags with food, even helping your neighbor one day.

The Fight, to ERADICATE Polio is a great one ,   the mission is a great lesson.

A special note on Rotary: Rotary International’s role in the global effort to eradicate polio cannot be overstated. Since Rotary first over-met its funding pledge for polio eradication in 1985 (from $115 million to $247 million), it has consistently fuelled the effort with resources, advocacy and genuine hard work on the ground. Rotary’s advocacy efforts with both endemic and donor country governments have maintained the dream of a polio-free world over the past 20 years, and brought polio to the brink of eradication. At the same time, Rotary has been the largest private sector donor to polio eradication, committing over US$600 million to the effort.- UNICEF

Kul Gautam – A History of Global Polio Eradication

Shawna T Brown- Public Relations Dir.