Membership Spotlight VP Vanessa L. Williams


As we highlight members of our exec team to celebrate Membership and extension Month , its with great delight we introduce you to Miss Vanessa L. Williams .

First full-time job: Wedding Coordinator at Sandals Whitehouse now renamed Sandals South Coast

First full-time job with Central Government: Policy Analyst, Ministry of Tourism & Entertainment
Current Position & Employer: Senior Technical Coordinator, Ministry of Economic Growth & Job Creation

Guiding Philosophy: Everyone has a story to tell with a lesson for you to learn. Listen with an open heart.

Vp Vanessa also headed three major Projects for NKRC:

Literacy Competition which really captures the profession of the individuals in the club as teachers from the club donate their time to assist with the project  also The Back to School Medical,  The Interhome Essay Competition, the Electronic Devices Collection for us to donate to schools in need and  the idea of having a Female Football team aka “The Irie Divas” .

Lets take a look at the Rotary Family Background :

Started as an Interactor at Manning’s School. There I served as Treasurer, Director of Finance, & President. During University I visited and even did projects with Rotaract UWI but didn’t get inducted. During those years, I did most of my service activities through my Hall (Taylor Hall) and my Block (G- Galaxians). I started visiting NKRC in February 2015, got inducted August 20, 2015 (anniversary coming up) and the rest is history as they say.




Vanessa Celebrates her birthday on January 19th and is the baby of 4 siblings .


Hometown: Beeston Spring, Westmoreland

Resident of: Westminster Crescent, Kingston

Education: Manning’s School 2000-2007

                 The University of the West Indies 2007-2010 & 2011-2013

                  The Vocational Training Development Institute 2013-2015

Areas & Levels of Study: Bsc. International Relations

                                         Msc. Government (Public Sector Management)

                                        Post Graduate Diploma- Education & Training)

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Membership Spotlight: President Diego Thomas


President Diego, First Lady Nalecia and son, Mal’akhi


I am Diego Thomas, president of the Rotaract Club of New Kingston (NKRC) for the Rotaract Year 2017-2018. I am very excited to serve alongside you for this Rotaract Year to execute awesome community service initiatives and improve our professional lives. While we work together, I would like for you to know a bit more about me, so here are some fun facts.


I grew up in a small district in Clarendon known as Belle Plain and Swansea. It is a quiet rural district that has a mixture of farming and construction sub economy. I attended the basic school in the district, Belle Plain Basic School, where my memory of anything there is very limited. My four (4) brothers and I, who are within a nine (9) year age range, attended the Osborne Store Primary and Junior High School located in the neighbouring community together at some point during the 7 years I spent there.


Growing up in the country was very exciting, especially walking to and from school. This was an adventure itself where we got chased by dogs, caught “Janga” in the canal or walked in knee high water whenever there was a heavy downpour. I later attended the prestigious Glenmuir High School located in the parish capital, May Pen. This is where I learned that life is not just fun and games, and I was exposed to the good and evil that existed in the world. However, with the guidance of my parents, I was able to hold on to the good and used it to my advantage. After 7 years in high school, I moved on to the University of Technology, Jamaica where I was introduced to Rotaract by a class friend, Jody.


When I started Rotaract in October 2009, Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative Paul was president of the club, the Rotaract Club of the University of Technology, Jamaica. This is where I learned about the family of Rotaract, and I was able to use this in my professional life. With frequent visits to our Rotary Club, and to other Rotaract Clubs, I began building by network and this landed me my first professional summer job at the then RBC Bank, made possible by Rotarian Minna. When I completed my final exam at the University, I was very confident as I had a large Rotary family that I knew would be there for me. And I was right, within eight (8) days of sitting my last exam, I started my first job out of college at an accountancy firm, BDO Chartered Accountants, which was headed by Rotarian Ken. I worked there for 2 ½ years and learned valuable work ethics that have propelled me to where I am today.


When I first joined Rotaract, I never saw myself as any kind of leader, I was rather shy and reserved. This organization has moulded me, pulled me out of my shell, and given me the necessary professional skills to take hold, and inspire others to serve. Becoming the president of NKRC was not a choice of mine, but the end result of the guidance I received over the years from my RotaFamily. Rotaract takes up a large portion of any one’s personal life, and for me, with a young family, I have come to realize that separating your personal life from Rotaract will leave you feeling overwhelmed. My balance is to include my family with Rotaract, and include Rotaract with my family. This may not be perfect at all times, but the necessary sacrifices will be rewarded in the long term.


With the support of my family, and the support of the club, I look forward to serving our community.

Yours in Rotaract,

Diego Thomas
President – NKRC (2017/18)





DRR Jevaughn has tasked us to ‘Elevate, Impact and Inspire’ our communities.

This is a great and timely charge.  This theme will, in its purest form should inspire all Rotaractors to elevate their level of impact.

Notwithstanding the level of work Rotaract Clubs continue to do in their respective communities, there is still much need room for growth.  Where you have a large number of Clubs within a small geographical region, the opportunity presents itself for partnership among the Clubs.  The Rotaract Club of New Kingston (NKRC) will be elevating its contribution to its community by forging lasting partnerships with Corporate Jamaica, Rotaract Clubs, and Rotary Clubs in service and development.  Through these partnerships we will expand our outreach and inspire others to join the Rotaract movement. Many hands make the load light.  Even though each Club has its own individual character, we are still one Rotaract, with similar and repetitive activities during the year.

I appreciate being given the opportunity to lead this amazing Club, on the background of being number one, and a leader in District 7020.  I invite our friends in Rotary and Rotaract, to partner with us, as we Elevate the level of service, Impact a wider cross section of our communities and Inspire others to join the Rotaract family.




The Rotaract Club of New Kingston – Rotary’s Anniversary Celebrations

The Rotaract Club of New Kingston, Jamaica celebrated Rotary’s Anniversary by having members give toasts to Rotary International. Members wrote short speeches on what the organization means to them and gave well wishes to the future.
Here are some toasts from our members below:
“I toast to Rotary International because it is an organization of inclusion. In a world with racism and wars among nations, RI is not biased to where you come from and the colour of your skin. Happy Birthday and cheers to RI” – Kimberley Lindo, President
“My toast to Rotary International is the continued financial growth of the organization and Rotary Foundation” – Diego Thomas, Vice President
“Rotary has given increased meaning and purpose to my life by providing an organized avenue for me to improve the lives of so many people. I wish for RI continued success as we continue to expand the legacy of Service above Self” – Vanessa Williams, Director of International Service
“Happy Birthday Rotary International. I am proud to be apart of this organization and grateful for the opportunity to serve among a global family making a positive impact on all communities” – Chez Ashman, Member
“Cheers to the continued success and to making a much bigger mark on the world. I live that I am a part of a movement that contributes to the development of the world” – Anique Senior, Member
“Cheers to a blessed 112th birthday. As you continue to change lives one person at a time and impact the world, we salute you. May you continue to flourish” – Oshane Allen, Prospective Member
“Happy 112th Rotary! Looking forward to 112 more years of impact on our communities and fellowship. Big up yourself Rotary” – Patrick Forest, Director of Community Service
“For 112 years, you have embraced and nurtured the mantra of offering quality service. We acknowledge and appreciate that the foundation of our success is built upon commitment.” – Desiann McIntosh, Secretary
“The opportunity to improve and enhance my professional development; building friendships and networking; socializing and having fun; the avenue is provided through NKRC to give back to the world” – Alex Robinson, Member
Video link:


NKRC Tin Food Drive

The Marie Atkins Shelter has reached out to NKRC asking for help to stock their pantry as they often run out of food to provide for the homeless. So check out your pantry, reach out to friends and family and donate what you can  !

We will now embark on a Food Drive as we look out for our neighbours who are less fortunate. Lets us help one and reach one by donating and soliciting donation for this cause in cash or kind.
One of Nkrcs Big projects “The Nannyville Breakfast program” started and grew with just the collection of Can Food to ensure children had breakfast at least once per week.

Lets promote this initiative with in our circles to get as much support as possible !

The Food Drive will run from February to March . PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING BEFORE MARCH ENDS !

Please contact Dir. Patrick for more information on how you can help.


On Saturday August 21, 2016 the Community Service Committee hosted their first project at the Jamaica National Children’s Home where over 82 children were entertained and participated in various activities such as Netball , Football, Design Arts for the younger children and a Math-Olympic competition.

 The project was geared towards fostering a relationship with the children while engaging in fun and education.

During the days activities Mount Olivet boys dominated the football games, achieving back-to-back wins in the first and second age game with DCP/IPP Terence as the referee. The youngsters on the first age Mt. Olivet boys’ team ended as the winners with three (3) goals to nil (0) over the JN first age youngsters. While, the second age team decapitated any opportunity for the JN boys being able to score a whopping 5 goals over the second age JN boys.

However on the netball side of things, the game was just as exhilarating. The girl’s team were unstoppable and they took the win over Checker scoring 20 goals to 7 balls. Notwithstanding, Checker still managed to put the ball through the net with great zeal.

There was fun and excitement thoroughout leading to the lunch hour. At this moment our very own “controlla” DJ Rtr. Thaad provided music for the “fetings and dance offs shenanigans”, while everyone enjoyed their lunch. After which the children all took to the field to demonstrate their expertise in the latest dance moves and styles, while Dir. Shanieka, Dir. Latoya, Sec. Desiann and Rtr. Rochelle all joined in to learn a few moves and flaunt some of their own.

 The final competition for the day was a Math-Olympic with children ranging from 8-13 partaking which saw the girls prevailed over the boys to be triumphant in the end.

Ultimately, the day was a very successful one. Along with the sponsorship of Tastee Jamaica Ltd, NKRC was able to put a smile on the faces of each and everyone of the children who were jubilant to share in the day’s festivities.

Cheers to another successful project.