We’ve planted seeds (not merengue), collected stationery, painted buildings, frolicked in the country, established the characteristics of a “commanaz”, promoted literacy and sounded final whistle on our inter-home competition and with it signaled the end of our first quarter.  Which for me is the beginning of a year that has the potential to be a ground breaking one for the Rotaract Club of New Kingston?

Looking back it is truly incredible the volume of work we have done in that short space of time and it stands as a testament to commitment and drive of the membership of this club, we don’t always get it perfect but we always get it done.  Being your President comes with its fair share of ups and downs (thankfully more ‘ups’) but at the end of the day when I see the passion from the “newbies” and the unwavering verve from the ‘veterans’ it reminds me why we all do what we do and that it will all be worth it in the end.  From the asphalt lymes to the beach lymes and the birthday lymes (just wanna pause to say big up to seven special ladies) there is never a dull moment with this club and it’s that vibe and energy that keeps us strong as a family.

So as we look forward to this second quarter let us strive to make our projects and events even bigger and better (Directors now is the time to hit up the Treasurer while he’s in a happy mood) as we continue to build on the foundation laid before us (#3G#TB#PapaChups#Ryleguy) and take this club to even greater heights.  Remember, no matter how difficult things get this club is a never say die club and we always come strong like a million bricks, that’s why we are the number one club in District 7020 and with the dedication and drive I see in all of you we will continue to be the benchmark of excellence and the standard bearers constantly raising the bar as we continue to serve from within.

Proud to be Your President,

Terence Smith (#BBD#Cashewjuice)


Good Morning!

What a quarter this was?? We wonder how does President Terence feel at almost 3 months into his year ……ask him when you see him.

But yes it has been three months so far and we have been buzzing around the place ensuring that we serve in the right way. Now what is NKRC without its awesome ideas ? A big APPLAUSE for Dir. Jodi and Community service committee, this quarter we went big,on the whole idea of literacy , getting all the Stationery we could , donating the KB Voucher to Ejay , donating stationery to three homes,and started our Reading Competition Dubbed “Literacy Comes to Life” which will end with a winner Saturday September 26th,2015 at the Nannyville Earlychildhood Institution. Be sure to be there as the club will be closing out this project tomorrow in fine style.

When we look at our professionals in the club lending their skills to make a project happen look at this quarter. Our teachers, doctors made us proud as we were their assistants when they needed to be.  Team work really does apply to make  our projects  work we saw that being displayed whether it was on the board or in our general space.Our Back To School medical was a success as we saw over 30 students , so i looked at this quarter as one that really dedicated to the school life over all. IMG-20150911-WA0012 (1).

At International Coastal clean up we went out to Hellshire Bay,the tale of the Merengue seed originated, as we did our project with our Interactors of ST. Georges College it was a good day indeed…right SAA Francine??

Our International services committee, made us aware of certain interntional campaigns , for example who knew there was a day called “OZONE DAY”? Well Dir. Sandrika has her eyes open and had the PR team promoting this day and all others, but I guess everyone’s favorite was Mandela Day , we know the impact and the fight and we can connect with his story. We did our service at the Jamaica Christian Boys Home plus our Big Online campaign hashtagging #nkrctime2serve.wpid-2015-07-18-11.21.40.jpg.jpeg

Oh The Fun we have been having thanks to Dir. Shanieka the spice of life! Because we work hard we play hard right, we do know how to have fun! Many birthday lymes , and the Unforgettable SAN PARTY, can I call this bus ride the best ever?? Only the alumni gang can answer this. But where was Alumni Boss Donair??? how could he have missed  the bus? Is Donair Really getting old ? Our Fifth Thursday Lyme was great as the members made it fun and entertaining as always ! So warm up for the Halloween Party Oct.31st. We saw three of our prospectives become members and they really fit in dont they ? The Each one Reach one system is an excellent initiative that was re:introduced this year we really do use the system  as we take care of our pals/buddies/club assigned Parries.

Havent we been loving the life lessons  taught in PD weekly and Rotaract minute?? As a new Director , Thadene is delivering precise and realistic notes that we can really learn from. Talk about personal growth thats what shes about!

Guys havent you noticed our VP KIM on top of her game, she  is so effective and pulled it together for quarter 1 , VP Kimberly is a hands on type of woman who leaves no stones unturned. I know she has  her  own life but you would think the club  is her life. We cant resist that “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” with a smile coming behind it, and to say we haven’t noticed your hard work Kim would just not be right !

President Terence , its three months and your leadership is booming ! I know you are proud of the membership . The passion and the drive that allows you to balance each personality in the club , plus the projects , the task of president is surely not easy. Hence we want the full support of all members into making this year a success, each and every one of you are important in his rotaract world and you all make a difference. So can we continue to commit and make the next project bigger in numbers?

Also a big thank you to my PR team , my role would not be effective without you guys and I thank you.

Next stop Literacy Comes to Life GRAND FINALE- Nannyville ECI. 10am sharp!



Shawna T Brown-Public Relations Dir.

Club Commitment

Good Morning team NKRC!!!! 

There are people in this organization for years that have help their club to grow , they have dedicated so much time and energy that families begin to wonder whats the deal with Rotaract.

When alot of us joined Rotaract we didnt really know it to the depths to say that we would find something that would grab your attention this way, you found worth, love, a new family and a new mission. This has your first family wondering about you , when NKRC gets into your blood you get caught and you stay committed. This Club Commitment is required as we are all supposed  to be participating in our clubs Projects , Fellowships and of course meetings.

It is very important that you play your part , whether its working closely with a director or just simply being at the projects and events that we have. Commitment meaning you know you had something to do for your personal life but because its a day for a project you let it wait until another day . We Know our members and we know the passion and wok they have been giving this club, THANK YOU!

We are here to serve and as you know attending the projects will allow you to do just that. Plus why would you join a club and then disappear ? We are all here to make impact, network, make friends , talk, laugh , even cry. The commitment holds that bond, make suggestions , take the lead sometimes if you are new, look at the ROTARY/ROTARACT wheel its never ending and thats our bond, that’s what makes us family. Project support allows you to see what it is that this family is doing in Jamaica , in the district and worldwide. To tell the truth when i see that Rotary has cleared out POLIO in most territories I feel like I was there when it happened , I feel like I know the Rotarian putting that vaccine in the child’s mouth. I know that every little that we do , every bit of sacrifice is noticed and is appreciated. So on behalf of this administration we want you to never break  the circle of giving. Dont overwork yourself , but don’t creep behind.

Stay committed as you all are , the year has just begun, the more the turn out at the projects the more impact we make. Let this year be a year to remember in attendance and vibes !

Alot of people love NKRC because of the energy and we want that to continue , doesn’t it feel good to fellowship with the people who also like to help others? Don’t you love to make a change in someone’s life? Dont you just wanna do more? Since you have joined this movement can you really say you didn’t feel good one day after serving? Isnt that meeting room just your place to recharge ? I look forward to Thursday’s , do you?

Keep the fire burning whether you are a NKRC 2G or NKRC 3G (ask IPP Ryan or DIr Shawna if clueless) develop your self in some way while you are here, accept 30 with grace we love you, you will always be family…

Stay committed no matter what , because each committed member makes their club shine, are you in the committed bunch or are you missing in your club?


Shawna Brown – Public Relations Dir.


Fulfilling – Newly Inducted Rotaractor Antoniette tells us more

As a Prospective member I really wanted to get a few questions in about the journey to Induction , there is so much to learn about the balance and ways of NKRC but I had just a few questions for Antoniette, who always seems so quiet , observant with her amazing posture.  Our  Conversation outlined below:

PM Desiann: Hi Antoinette, I have been meaning to ask for a while about your journey from prospective member to Rotaractor. How has it been for you?

Rotaractor Antoinette: My journey has been very fulfilling, though I am not new to the Rotary/Rotaract family. However, in terms of being a member of the NKRC family, I was encouraged at each step of the way by my fellow rotaractors and was made to feel as part of the family from inception.

PM Desiann: was it ever too challenging to create a balance between your personal life and club duties, especially since this is such an active club?

Rotaractor Antoinette: It was never a challenge to create a balance. I am an insurance advisor with Guardian Life Ltd, and as such the nature of my job allows me to be flexible. I am able to structure my time to accommodate work, personal life and club activities where I am able to have balance amongst all.

PM Desiann: What does Antoinette enjoy doing outside of her Rotaract duties?

Rotaractor Antoinette: I am a very sociable person and also very family oriented. So outside of Rotaract duties I am spending time with my family or enjoying time with my friends, whether just going to catch a movie, going for dinner at a restaurant or an early morning beach run. In addition to that I serve on the executive body of my community citizens’ association as the secretary so I am also doing service work at home as well.

PM Desiann:  Advice us prospective members Why NKRC?

Rotaractor Antoniette : I would say NKRC chose me , I went to a Fundraising meeting event before a club meeting, the spirit and passion  of NKRC, along with encouragement from other Rotaractors I knew from UWI got me here !


So guys there you have it , all Prospectives we know this is the place to be ! 

PM Desiann McIntosh


When  you join any organisation we like to blend in , and identify with that organisation as well. I love wearing my shirt and my pin and even my keyring with NKRC Logo, it can be used as a means of recruiting members, and repping your clubs well….hear what Rotaractor Haishaina has to say about her NKRC apparel…..

“I am part of an illustrious organization, Rotaract by extension Rotary which I am truly honored to be associated. It gives me a feeling of, empowerment, achievement and fulfilment being an ambassador. I wear all apparel and emblems (pin or shirt) with pride. All of a sudden my shoulders are square, and my whole demeanor is different. I am conscious of how I behave and aware of the way I speak. When I speak, I am not shy to tell of my great effort to help my community.

I believe I do not need a reason to help anyone.  Wearing the different apparel or emblems allows me to speak up about the help i give. When i speak i do so with one voice I echo my fellow rotaractors, because we share the same vision and dream. I believe people should know that I am helping my community and the world at large; and they can become “a community helper too”. It is always about service above self and in the best case scenario fellowship through service. It is becoming more than you are, reaching out to change the world.

I am elated to be a rotaractor, it means the world to me, so it is important to wear all my apparels and emblems at all times to represent what I do and what I believe in. It is my lifestyle!!!

#mylife #mytime #myclub  #myrotaract #worldchanging #servefromwith ”

Remember for our next meeting please bring no less than two friends ! Lets recruit some quality members and get some community helpers !

Contribution by

Rtr Haishaina

10 Things to KNOW ABOUT NKRC’s Culture

ITS membership month and we will be inducting some “fresh faces” to the pack !!

Well if you don’t know , I will let you know that yes you have to join a committee , and attend our projects and attend meetings.

but there are some things which will happen when you are a NKRC member , you love service and you love the comradery but there’s more to this culture.

  1. The Story : be prepared to learn about the fun times our very first presidents shared and the struggle it took PP Godfrey and outstanding members of the Rotary Club of New Kingston to get NKRC to be born. As he attends our events one of his statements you can listen out for is his proud father moment. 
  2. Past Presidents:   the club has story tellers and please be prepared to see our PP Neville wearing his shiny president Medal , and on April 1 of every year , he has to take us back to the stories of when he ruled and how the club grew since.This is where you learn who was invited by whom, we hear about our PPs and the tremendous work they have done .
  3. NKRC SOAKS IN:   your here to make your mark but before you know we have marked you And your everything NKRC, at home at work , in relationships you are going to say NKRC more than 10times . This is when we know you fall in love the real stew peas way.
  4. Sweet Tooth: its like the members have a tracker on each other , don’t try sneak off the island and sneak in…if u go foreign bring back sweeti for the club…we know you  were away!
  5. PON the BUS !: we encourage you to take a bus ride after you have been to a meeting and done some form of project then the bus ride u never expected  is upon you , with heavy-handed servers ohhhh the vibes on the bus is over the top ! There’s  no one seat for any one person .
  6. At The Lymes :  expect us to be in our good spirits YES ! Rum talks , rum talks lead to debates Political , relationship “haves and haves not” …and somewhere in a corner is  a group with a Naughty conversation (just look where ADRR Ryan is seated).
  7. Hollywell: Our Camping night , rotaractors from near and far come out with us this night.  A night of heated competitions , cuts , scrapes and bruises. Tent making Adrenaline zone , a night of bonding and memories. Please bring own toiletries.
  8. Competitive : one thing I can assure you we love to win , I know everyone loves to win but NKRC don’t really like second or third. This team pulls together for anything , you are new and we want you to know that you made the right choice , so I call it a win in honor of our new members.
  9. The Asphalt posse :  this posse is usually outside after the meeting or after a lyme hosting another lyme , we just can’t get enough! you would have learned about the “asphalt posse” from a asphalt lyme you don’t even know you are in , go back to PP Neville.

10. Enthusiastic members : this club is loaded with happy to do the work members , we make a project look like its   a fellowship , we embrace the rotaract motto Fellowship Through Service, have you met VP KIM? have you been on VP Kims PD trip? We are loaded with energy , they feel they are super rotaractors , who can do the job the best way, with all this enthusiasm you are bound to get a nick name! some people happiness just runs over they have to bus a kiss! Being the life of the party and all its with this energy we roll together  into  an event no matter how boring and we are having all the fun.

congrats on becoming an NKRC member sometime soon or maybe later down, and thank you to all those who fit right in , well at least til you are 30.

Happy Membership Month.

Shawna Brown – Public Relations Director

THE ADRRs PLANS – Goals , District Project and more.

After conducting a precise interview with the new Assistant District Rotaract Representative (ADRR) Ryan Mckenzie from the Rotaract club of New Kingston, he shared with me some of his goals, the district project and his expectations. Here is a brief insight:


(1) To increase regional integration
(2) Ensure that all clubs within my region are functioning at a high standard
(3) Increasing comradery and fellowship within the region
(4) To carry out a regional project awareness campaign towards End Polio
(5) A regional fellowship during world Rotaract week with all Jamaica east community based clubs
(6) I want all my clubs to achieve at least a gold District Rotaract Representative (DRR) award for excellence.ryan

District Project:

The project has 3 elements:

Blood donorship
Promotion and education
Blood donor registration
(Clubs can undertake one or all three projects)

The District project in a nutshell is geared towards creating a network of blood donors and to increase the awareness on the importance of blood donor ship. The project is geared towards the disease prevention and treatment area of focus for rotary. It’s also inline with this years’ Rotary International theme “Be A Gift to the World.”


I expect that Rotaract clubs will be a network of blood donors- while increasing their awareness on the importance of blood donorship. I also expect the different clubs to encourage more persons within the communities to become blood donors and encourage these persons to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will ensure that the donor’s  health is sustained.

There is much to be done but it can be achieved. It is all about service above self.

I hope we are all ready to get that DRR award!!! #GoTeamNkrc
Haishaina Reid

On Behalf of the Public Relations Committee