Keeping up with NKRC (Quarter 3 Activities)

Treat for the homeless at the Marie Atkins Shelter in Downtown Kingston

We commenced Quarter 3 with Treat for the Homeless formerly reffered to as “Feeding the homeless” on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at the Marie Atkins Shelter. We treated over 150 persons in and around the Marie Atkins Shelter in downtown Kingston to meals, donations of clothes, care packages, medical, dental, vision and grooming services. The treat for the homeless was well supported by our very own members who either used their vocation (Dental cleaning, nursing etc) or assisted with operational efficiency. The initiative was also well supported by other organizations such as the Kingston Central Police Division, Jamaica Medical Doctors Association, Jamaica Dental Students’ Association, Lions Club of Mona, Kumeas Hair Perspective, the National Council for Senior Citizens and the Interact Clubs of Calabar High School and St. George’s College. The Treat for the Homeless initiative has been executed by the club for more than 5 years. Each year, the Treat expands as new ideas are shared and implemented. 

Treat for the Homeless collage

The Treat for the homeless was featured in the Gleaner and Loop News Jamaica Website
Zumbathon Fundraising Event
On Saturday, February 3, 2018 the Rotaract Club of New Kingston hosted the club’s first Zumbathon event to help raise funds for upcoming community service activities. The event was held at the St. Andrew High School for Girls and lasted for only two hours. The attendees performed popular workout routines under the instructions from Zumba instructors and were treated with free yogurts.
Peace and Conflict Resolution Talent Competition
On Saturday, February 10th, we hosted our first Peace and Conflict Talent Competition at the Top Range Community Centre, off Mountain View road. The competition was opened to participants 25 years and under and had them used their talent or skills to compete for top cash prizes by depicting or portraying the incidents of conflicts or violence in their communities.  The purpose of this initiative was to inform the youths from the Mountain View area about the different ways to prevent or resolve conflicts or violence in their communities and introduce them to support groups that can help them with doing so.
Peace and Conflict Comp
NKRC’s Career Seminar-February 24, 2018
On Saturday, February 24th, the clubs professional development committee hosted a Career Seminar themed” Climbing the ladder to Success in a competitive Job Market“. The event had three speakers, that presented on The Power of Networking, Am I in the Right Place? and the overall theme of the seminar. It was the vision of the Professional Development committee to provide the participants with an in depth understanding of how to succeed, in the right way, in the Corporate world. The seminar also had a panel discussion where participants could ask the presenters questions related to the sub-topics or the overall theme.
career Seminar Collage
General Meeting- March 1, 2018
Our general meeting held on Thursday, March 1st under the theme “Sharing the Gift of Rotary, the Key is You”, had Rotarians from our parent club and other rotary clubs greatly participating in our general meeting. Two members of our parent club read the Rotaract and protocol minutes respectively. Furthermore, we showed the meeting audience a 23 minutes video titled “Blast from the Past”. This video had past presidents and one past member dated to as far as 2009, share some of their achievements with the club, the most impactful projects that they have been apart of amongst other things. The meeting was concluded with a panel discussion on the theme; the panel consisted of a member of our parent club, two Rotarians from the Rotary Club of St. Andrew and Rotary Club of Portmore and the Vice President of our club. Our Rotary Advisor, VP Mark Nelson, from the Rotary Club of New Kingston closed out the panel discussion led by Fundraising Director, Latoya Smith, with his hilarious remarks.
March 1 meeting collage
Survivor Camping Trip 2018
NKRC’s Survivor 2018 was themed Amazonian Tribe. The event took place at Holywell, Blue Mountains from Saturday, March 3rd to Sunday, March 4th. Participants were placed in four groups to participate in fun games and activities. The team that accumulates the most points at the end of the experience received the privilege of being the ultimate champions.
Survivor camping experience highlighted the creativity of all participants; we saw creativity with the Tribal Names (Samba Warriors, Kill-Mongas, Kwasa Tribe and Awa tribe) to the execution of challenges given such as designing clothing out of newspaper, creating a tribal chant, designing tribal banners and more. The experience brought out the competitive side of everyone and throughout, saw the togetherness of the Rotaract family hilariously competing for an intangible title. The participants experienced great ‘vibes’ and engaged in fun fellowship activities. The survivor package included lunch, supper and breakfast and the opportunity to hike to the waterfall that was nearby.
Water and Sanitation Project
On Saturday, March 10, 2018, we conducted bathroom and kitchen renovations at the Holiness Temple Basic School in Lauriston, Spanish Town. The school hosts 40 students from the community of Lauriston and surrounding areas.
Water and Sanitation Collage
NKRC’s Wing Sauce and Farmer’s Market- March 24, 2018
On Saturday, March 24th, we hosted our annual Wing Sauce Competition on the Grounds of Mona Dam, and sold fresh ground provisions on the day. The teams consisted of 5 members or less who each had 70 minutes to prepare the best wing sauce which must capture the taste of the secret ingredient, pineapple. The event hosted mini competitions/activities and the respective winners were awarded minor prizes for same. The Rotaract Club of New Kingston managed to be Sauce Boss Champions for the second year in a row.





One of the best memories for me throughout my career is probably the very first moment. The moment I successfully passed my final year exams in medical school my career officially began. As with everyone who goes through University it’s always a momentous occasion to complete it and make your family and friends proud. I remember crying for joy knowing all my hard work would allow me to enter the career path I dreamed about throughout my childhood.
   As a child my main goal as a future doctor was to provide a better life for my family. Knowing all the sacrifices that were made for me I felt it only natural to assist in any way possible. Aiding with household utilities, trips to a lovely restaurant and spending quality time in a relaxing environment are few of the perks I’m now able to afford. The most recent occasion I remember was seeing my mom with happy tears after I surprised her with a Christmas gift.
   I quickly found out that life as a medical doctor wasn’t going to be full of Glory days, but decorated with hardships along the way. Going through one year of internship, working 7 days a week, 32 hours straight every 4 days, and difficulty getting time off due to short-staffing, really put a strain on my physical health. My asthma and severe allergies flared up more in a few months of working than throughout my 5 years in University; both illnesses took me from work for days at a time.
   I’ve since gotten accustomed to the long hours and get joy and satisfaction from treating patients however, the lowest low occurs with instances when all my efforts are not enough to treat a patient successfully. At these points I generally pool my efforts with colleagues or refer to specialists, however these efforts may be ineffective. An adequate diagnosis or treatment may not be reached and the distress of the patients and their family members is difficult to bear, but it is my job to give them hope and continue to search for a solution.
   When the solution is found in long or short order I then reassure patients and allow them to reintegrate as healthier members of society. From treating the common cold, to chronic illnesses and rare diseases or just taking time to listen to a patient’s personal struggles, it all makes a difference and I am truly grateful I’m to provide this service
Rtr. Kimberley Sommerville (Dr.)

Keeping up with NKRC (Quarter 2- 2017)


The club hosted its first fashion show fundraising event on Sunday, Ocotober 1. The fundraising event themed “Comedy Meets Couture” took place at the Phoenix theatre. The evening was filled with comedic performances from comedians Leighton Smith and Alan Carter, musical performances by Optimistic Musical Geniuses and dance performances by the Tivoli Dance Troupe as well as a fashion show including our own Rotaract members, Rotarians and Corporate Managers as models. Models were decked out in fashionable clothing pieces from Sponsors Maxie Department stores, James Black, Sancee Designs and Pieces from Elle. Giveaways (gate prizes) were courtesy of totally Male Spa, Bella Oasis Spa and Sultry Escape.

fashion show


We continue to help adult learners with Basic mathematics at the Saxthorpe Methodist church on Mondays between the hours of 6pm-8pm. #BasicEductationandLiteracy

JFLL October

Our members and prospective members in action.

Jfll November


The Club launched its first Business Development porgramme in the community of Kencot on Sunday, October 8th at the St. Clements Kencot Mission Church. The programme is designed to assist small business owners with business advice from leading entrepeneurs and corporations. The business programe launched on the above mentioned date and ended with a closing ceremony on Sunday, October 22. Between those dates, the programme hosted three training sessions for the small business owners: Writing a business plan, Martketing your business and a session from Financial Corporation representatives.



The Rotaract Clubs of Jamaica East and DRR Jevaughn Rhymer helped to beautify the grounds of the Mona Heights Chapel Kindergarten School on Saturday, October 21, 2017. 



We participated in PETs held at the University of Technology Jamaica on Saturday, October 28, 2017.



On Saturday, November 11, 2017 NKRC hosted it’s very first Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop held at St. Andrew High School for Girls.

The workshop featured various presenters who were carefully selected as a result of the major contributions they have made to entrepreneurship in Jamaica. Our aim, through the presenters, was to kindle the entrepreneurial spirit of our participants and one day fuel their transition to a career in entrepreneurship.

Topics included Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Registering Your Business, Business Planning and Modelling, Entrepreneurial Financing, Personal Branding and Channeling Your Passion into Entrepreneurial Success. The event hosted 51 students from UTECH, CMU, St. Andrew High School for Girls, St. George’s College and Calabar High School. Our competition, “The Pitch”, had participants creating realistic businesses then presenting their ideas to investors (our judges) in a 3-minute pitch. Presentations were judged on creativity, business competitive advantage, relevance and realistic nature of the business idea, grasp of financials and feasibility of the business. The winning team walked away with a cash prize. This workshop also served as the first mandatory session for our project boomerang mentorship programme.

Youth Workshop



We continue our learn something new series in the months of October, November and December. The LSN series is designed to develop members/prospective members personally and professionally.

VP Vanessa facilitated our second session in the series: Microsoft Power for Effective Presentation on Thursday, October 26, 2017.


Our November session saw the members visiting 44 Fleet Street, the Home of Lifeyard, a community and social enterprise in Parade Gardens.

Fleet Street

The December session for the Learn Something New series was on Project Mangement. Rtn Travis Graham was our facilitator.


Our annual fundraising Party was held on Saturday, November 25 at Escape 24/7 Bar and Grill . This year’s theme was a 90’s dancehall theme.



We hosted our annual Health and Lifestyle Symposium at the Nannyville Gardens community Centre. Our beneficiaries got the opportunity to check their blood pressure, glucose level, weight, HIV Test and learned about mental illness. A representative from the Consumer Affairs Commission, educated the attendees on their rights as consumers. Additonally, what better way to promote health than to invite beneficiaries to participate in a free aerobics workout session.


We hosted a christmas treat at the Strathmore Gardens Child Care facility on Saturday December 9. We painted the fences, swing sets and jungle gym, planted trees, repaired broken bathroom pipes, donated a fire extinguisher and fellowshipped with the children by engaging in fun activities. The children were then treated to a meal and dessert. We were happy that could put a smile on these children faces before the Christmas holidays.


Family is important to club and and such, any opportunity that we get to spend time with each other and our parent club, is a bonus to our growth and development in the long-run. On Saturday, December 16, we hosted a joint Christmas dinner, All -White edition with our Parent Club. The event had members and members from our parent club celebrating over food and soothing christmas music. We had the excited reveal of our pixies and ended the night with a grass lyme.


Our members in action at St. George’s Interact Club Meetings.


Our members in action with our early-acters at the Queens Preparatory School.



The Rotaract Club of New Kingston (NKRC) launches its Project Boomerang “The Next Chapter” Mentorship Programme on Thursday, October 7, 2017. This eight (8) month initiative aims to prepare 5th and final year 6th form students for the next chapter of their lives. Students will be mentored by young professionals from our club who share the same career field of interest. Our mentorship programme will also seek to engage the mentees in monthly sessions.

Launch of our Project Boomerang Mentorship Programme on SatOctober 7, 2017.

Second Session: University Applications and Academic Performance.

Boomerang 1

Third Session: Importance of Mentorship


December is here and its the grand season of giving and Excitement ! Its the time we share with those we love our immediate and extended Family. Its amazing how Popcaans song is a  hit just as I am about to write my very thoughts on Family.

Growing up sharing was really important as being the eldest meant sharing several of your own items . Well sharing books , clothes and shoes wasn’t bad but the FOOD!!! I want that for myself , so o prevent anyone from tampering with my food I would bite all pieces of the chicken I had in my plate so no one would think that there’s a spare piece for them (ha maybe you should try that at the next family gathering) .

I love sharing but as a child  I thought to my self why adults choose to say “come here make me taste , likkle a you food” I wonder what was really wrong with their plate ?

Overtime you learn about life and what people go through , inside and outside of your family, when I was first Introduced to NKRC the aspect of Family is what first grabbed  me. I walked into that meeting with about 35 strangers and blended in real quick . It wasnt the meeting that wowed me it was the after lyme in the Wendys Ligunea  (we are now banned from there) we quickly switched to a nearby Burger King . That after lyme taught me many things keys words like RUM , RANDOM ROAD TRIPS AND HOLLYWELL CAMPING caught me. I didn’t do a service project yet but they caught me. Family meant something to NKRC as the support for each other outside of meetings is what I admired most . I joined a “no man left behind” club where members will invest in each other , love each other , support each other and work through any drama.

Like I never wanted to fail my MOM, I did well in school and because NKRC was so great I never want to fail them either. So that brought me to change, joining this club I was on the defense disliked being clowned , corrected or what we call Violated.  I got to see a different side of people from different back grounds , so professional but so fun. I realize that even if I slipped it was ok Dad ( PP Travis ) Uncle (PP Dane) was  right there upon joining to show me the way . Overtime I learnt how to think from a different angle as I was  around progressive individuals like myself . My Family felt better with the team by my side, we  teach each other we scold each other, its friendship parenting at its best.

I dont know if they ever got a bad vibe from me but the team moving into PP Danes Year as his PRO reinforced Family . I was bonding getting along with who I could , my family learnt about NKRC as I had to get up early to get to Nannyville to meet the team for our Breakfast Program. I learnt so much more there as we were not scheduled but we turned up every morning ready to serve but i felt it was the talking that we did that made us look forward to it in the mornings. ( Yes Donair I ate food too) .

It was time time to introduce the family to my zone Linstead, we Journeyed to  Chilling on the Greens, SKateland , Floss Like  a Boss cuz we seh Family !

I joined an amazing Family that’s NKRC, in service we are great but  in Fellowship we are REAL ! My family and friends who never know of Rotary fell inlove with Rotary through me, the world around me understand that when I say its NKRC they know its Family and thats Important to me !

I Love My Extended FAMILY !

Fellowship Through Service ! The rotary Family has been amazing I have been a Rotaractor since UWI and that selfish person is now 60% selfless !



“CLUB 30”

Chapter 30:

The End of Rotaract Life … The Beginning of Something New


“Welcome to the club Wayne!” was a common greeting all day on  my recent 30th birthday. While I expected it it still struck a chord with me about how my life will change in the coming year. For the past few years I’ve called each new year a chapter in my life. Just a few weeks ago I started chapter 30 and oh what exciting changes are in store! As is customary, our time in Rotaract ends at year 30 and with that comes a new reality on top of the anxious days and years ahead as I now declare myself a true adult based on my age paper. There is no turning back at this point.

I near the end of my Rotaract life but it will also be a celebration of things to come. Rotary is just around the corner and like many I am growing increasingly excited to see what that next stage in Rotary will be like. Sure, I will miss my Rotaract family but in hindsight I will not be leaving the family of Rotary; that comforts me.

Chapter 30 is an accomplishment in and of itself. Regrettably, we have to cheer even louder these days when we hit this milestone with all that is happening around us. I have been a Rotaractor for four years, two of them with NKRC. Never did I think that this ride would be so enriching and exciting! When I returned home in 2015 and approached Rtn. Donair about joining Rotary, he immediately steered me in direction of NKRC and as they say, “the rest is history”. NKRC is now rooted in who I am. I speak proudly and boldly about this extended family because you are a part of me. The work we do intertwines with my hope for my community, my country and my world on so many levels.

Year 30 brings with it a time to reflect and introspect. Yes, I have an unlimited list of things to be thankful for. And yes, I expect/hope that they will continue into the future. Now that my time with NKRC is fast coming to an end, do I fear the change that will come with it? Absolutely. Am I more afraid of the ‘letter’? Actually, no. My fear is that I will have to re-adjust to a new family. But with anything new comes the usual anxiety. Thankfully, NKRC has been transitioning members consistently to Rotary over the years. I am assured that it will not be a completely new experience nor will I be alone. The hands have already been outstretched and I am excited to grab hold and enjoy the experience.

Change is the only constant in life we’ve been told but yet we often resist it. My remaining few months as an official member of NKRC will be used to wrap my mind around this new journey that is ahead. I am ready to ask for the keys to Club 30 and own it like it was willed to me but I am anxious to leave the friends I have come to know, love and appreciate. But I will not resist change. To the many new and exciting experiences ahead, I stand tall, hold my glass high and toast the Rotaract Club of New Kingston. You are a part of, and will always be a part of, who I am. I am a proud Rotaractor for life. That will never change (unless Sec’y send RI the letter too … LOL).

Cheers to NKRC

Rtr Wayne

Keeping up With NKRC (Quarter 1-2017)


On Sunday, July 2, 2017 saw the Joint Installation of Presidents and executive boards of the Rotaract Clubs of Jamaica East. The installation ceremony took place at the UWI Mona Visitor’s Lodge.

This event was in the making for about two years and was finally brought to fruition. Each outgoing president distributed awards with IPP Kimberly from NKRC presenting the awards for Rotaractor and Director of the Year to Director of Community Felisha Henry who at the time was director of professional development. Past Rtr Jamie Lovelace and incoming President Diego Thomas received the Presidential Award from IPP Kimberly.


From L-R Incoming Presidents: Paige Jackson (RCSA), Diego Thomas (NKRC), Shenae Flannigan (RCOK) and Kimberly Martin (RCLP)

Board Members

The NKRC 2017-2018 Board at the Joint Installation Ceremony

L/R: Dir. Patrick Forrest (Rotary Liaison), Dir. Felisha Henry (Community Service), Dir. Chantal Harriott (International Service), Dir. Kelesha Dunkley (Club Service), Dir. Jhenelle Black (Club Administration), Dir. Latoya Smith (Fundraising), Dir. Anique Senior (Professional Development), Immediate Past President (IPP) Kimberley Lindo, Sergeant-At-Arms Antoinette McDonald, Treasurer and Assistant District Treasurer Alex Robinson, Secretary Aniska Smith and Vice President (VP) & District Events & Training Chair, Vanessa Williams


On July 4, NKRC visited the Denham Town High School Graduation ceremony to present the Award for community service to recognize outstanding Interactors who engage in community service activities. The award was presented to Ronaldo Matthews.

Ronaldo Mathews-July 4

 Ronaldo Mathews and President Diego Thomas


On Friday, July 7, several members visited our Parent Clubs meeting at Altamont Court Hotel.  Several of our members were able to go and witness President Bill’s inaugural meeting where he reassured everyone that the upcoming year would be a fun filled one.

july 7 part 2

July 14, 2017: NKRC represented yet again at out Parent Clubs meeting at Altamont court Hotel. At this meeting our own President Diego addressed the club speaking about his vocation amongst other things.


On Saturday, July 8, several of our members visited the Rotaract Club of May Pen’s Installation Ceremony at the Hotel Versailles in May Pen. Here they were able to fellowship with the incoming board and other members of the club.

Rtr. O’Shane Allen represented NKRC at the Rotary Club of St. Andrew’s Installation Ceremony on July 11, 2017.


On July 10, a few members visited with the Rotary Club of Kingston East and Port Royal.



On August 12, NKRC hosted in First San Party Trip to White river. St. Ann.


On Saturday, August 19, 2017, We had our first big community service project. NKRC’s Back-to-School was held in the Nannyville Gardens, Sir. Howard Cooke Cenre. Approximately 101 beneficiaries took advantage of the free eye checks, dental checks. The Road Saftey Unit was also present giving vital tips on how to cross the road etc.


On Saturday, August 26, 2017, the Rotaract Club of New Kingston assisted the Rotary Club of Portmore with the painting of two pedestrian crossings in the Municipality of Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica. The Initiative was a very well-needed one to be executed as the two pedestrian crossings were invisible in areas that are greatly used by pedestrians. The initiative would not have been successful without the National Works Agency (NWA) who assisted in laying cones, directing traffic and provided valuable feedback on how to properly paint the pedestrian crossings.


On Saturday, August 26, 2017, the Rotaract Club of New Kingston held its annual Inter-Home Games competition at the New Providence Primary School in Kingston. The event had 7 participating Children’s homes namely: Strathmore Children’s Home, Maxfield Park Children’s Home, Jerusalem Children’s Home, St Anthony’s Children’s Home, Sophie’s Place Children’s Home and My Father’s House Children’s Home. A total number of 82 children participated in fun track & field activities such as potato race, bun eating competition, lime & spoon race and special relays.

At the end of the competition, each home received 2 boxes of stationeries and one box with food items. Further, the two homes that came first and second place respectively were awarded trophies.

This initiative was conducted with children’shomes and places of safety within the Kingston and St. Andrew area as we believe they are one of the most vulnerable today. Our Inter-Home Games Competition aims, specifically, to build a relationship and competitive spirit amongst children’s homes as well as a sense of discipline and growth in the self-esteem of these youths.

Our annual Inter-Home games competition would not have been possible without the members and prospective members that helped throughout the day and the sponsors who contributed food and stationery items; these sponsors include Juici Beef Patties, St. John’s Ambulance and Food for the Poor.

Interhome Games


We ended the month of August with our traditional 5th Thursday Lyme. Members enjoyed a fun afternoon at Jamzone Bowling Centre.


5th Thursday, Aug


On Saturday, September 2, NKRC hosted its annual Literacy and Numeracy Competition at the Sir Howard Cooke centre in Nannyville Gardens Jamaica. In celebration of Basic Education and Literacy month, our goal is to encourage youths to read and to develop or increase their liking for mathematics.

Our participants were between the ages of 6-17 that came from the Nannyville Gardens and surrounding communities such as Hampstead, Top Range, just to name a few. Two years ago, the event only highlighted literacy and hosted a reading competition to facilitate the same. This year, we revamped the competition to include Numeracy (Mathematics competition) as we believe that numeracy also plays a vital role in students’ ability to function effectively in society.

31 students registered for the Literacy and Numeracy competition. Of the 14 that participated in the mathematics competition, 12 students were successful and of the 17 participants for the reading competition, 12 students were also successful.

Lit and Num Launch

Our successful qualifiers competed on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at St. Theresa preparatory School. The reading competition entails finalists answering questions in front of an audience while the mathematics competition had to complete a written section before moving on to answering questions in the live round. The top three participants from each competition were rewarded with trophies, medals, cash prizes, gift baskets, book vouchers, circus tickets and participation certificates. Further, guest speaker Mrs. Tamiann Young encouraged parents to be involved in their child’s literacy and numeracy development. Lastly, winner of JCDC Gospel competition, Ms. Shaughna-Lee Stelle serenaded the participants, members and visitors with her soulful voice.

lit and num finale


The Rotaract Club of Madras, India sent a recipe for Kuzhukattai (a traditional dish prepared during their Vinayagar Chathurthi celebrations). We in return sent our national dish (Ackee and Salt Fish) for them to prepare also.


We encouraged members across District 7020 to celebrate Basic Education and Literacy by posting pictures with their members reading to interested participants. On September 8, we followed through with our own guidelines by celebrating World Literacy day when we visited the Nannyville Basic School to read two books to the school population. While there, we encouraged our future leaders about how important reading is and participated in their devotion.


Director Felisha Henry facilitated PD’s very first session in PD’s Learn Something New Series in the topic Basic Excel for data Analysis & Reporting on Thursday September 14th 2017. The series had us learning the basic of reporting and analysis.


On Friday, September 15, NKRC and Rotary Club of New Kingston members joined members from our Parent Club to hand over a water cooler to the neonatal unit at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital.


After we accommpanied our parent club with the Victoria Jubilee initiative, we then went to St. George’s College to plant trees.

STGC Planting treee


Saturday, September 16 at Sugaman’s Beach: NKRC partnered with Rotaract Clubs of Kingston and St. Andrew as well as UTECH Interact and Wolmers’ Girls Interact to remove biodegradable materials from the beach.


After the cleanup, members and prospective members enjoyed a birthday lyme celebrating Rtrs. Candice, Nickquane and Wayne’s birthdays.

NKRC members captioned in the pictures above enjoying the Beach Birthday Lyme. Dj BoomFlick/Dir Chantal and Osheane Gayle were the Beach Birthday Lyme’s resident DJs.