The Life and Legacy of a Legend – Mandela Day

We begin the Rotaract year still high off the celebrations at our 2015 District 7020 Conference and another successful Rotaract year. Newly elected and re-elected officers are pumped for the great fellowships, friendships and adventures that lies ahead.  As we part with those that have joined the ranks of the Rotaract Alumni and welcome the newbies, bubbling over with fresh-faced youthful exuberance, NKRC starts the year centered on our mission of, ‘selfless service’. We are reminded of the reason we offer such selfless service by a life that personifies ‘Service above Self’, Nelson Madiba Mandela. As we start the Rotaract year it is only fitting we pause to honour the life of an extraordinary individual we should all aim to exemplify.


Nelson Mandela International Day, July 18th, was launched in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s  birthday, in 2009 by unanimous decision of the UN General Assembly. Inspired by a call Nelson Mandela had made a year earlier, for the next generation to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the world’s social injustices, when he stated that “it is in your hands now”. This day marks more than a celebration of Mandela’s life and legacy. It is a global movement to honour his life’s work and acts to change the world for the better.

“What count’s in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we make in the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

On the endless list of things one has and will reap from their Rotaract experience, the ability to Take Action on this call by Mandela, is one of the most enriching experiences. On this day NKRC joins souls all across the world devoted to selfless service under one or more areas of focus: Food Security, Education and Literacy, Shelter and Infrastructure and Service and Volunteerism.

NKRC spent the day with the boys of the Jamaica Christian Boys Home, at 7 Oxford Road; sharing in two areas of focus: Food Security and Service and Volunteerism. We had a mirad of fun activities to keep the boys engaged as we focused on ‘inspiring’  the new generation.

We shared the day with a Counsellor from the South African High Commission, Mr. Philip Riley. He had a fun and interactive presentation; where he educated the boys at the home and NKRC members present of the struggles and triumphs of Mandela.


We started a backyard garden with the boys. Showing them a new skill and the ability to ‘grow what you eat’.



We had an arts and crafts hour where we made boards that encouraged the boys to Dream and be Hopeful.



Shilanda Stewart
NKRC Secretary 2015-2016
Proud Rotaractor!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! – 2015/16 Board

Hey guys we are in another year and for those who have just started visiting our club you are in the right place! For those who are members but still new , we are happy you chose us and we are glad you are apart of this great family.

Remember to choose a committee/s to be apart of to make your NKRC lifestyle more interesting , you are expected to be at meetings and participate in the projects of the club! We want you all to know that the fellowship , which includes our beach lymes, after meeting lymes, birthday lymes, visiting other clubs are also very important.

We are going to continue the great NKRC spirit and we always want you to be involved! Team work is very important and that showed alot last year, IPP Ryan is very happy about the work that we have done and we want to carry that spirit all the way ! Looking forward to a great year in service as we want to promote our theme ” Serve From Within” what does this really mean to you? How much do you believe you can do ? Well there is alot to do but if we do it together we can make a BIG change.

Remember you joined this club for a reason , stay committed to the club , be safe , have fun and Serve!

Happy New Year! 11138642_918777664843719_5841281319559518527_n

11 months later….Soon to be IPP Ryan writes…

Some of our members site seeing

Some of our members site seeing

We’ve come the end!

As I type this message, I can’t help but have that bitter/sweet feeling. Bitter in that we’ve come to the end of a truly great 2014-2015 Rotaract Year and this will be my last month serving as President for our great and beloved NKRC. It has been an absolute privilege to have served as President of this amazing club. But sweet in that we get to not only look back and celebrate our clubs achievements for this year and indeed we have a lot to celebrate but to also move into the 2015-2016 Rotaract Year under the leadership of President Elect Terence Smith and his administration.  

On the point of celebrating accomplishments, at the recently concluded District Conference in St. Maarten, NKRC achieved yet another historic milestone in that we awarded the Platinum DRR’s Award for Excellence for the first time and were named as District 7020 Club of the Year Community Based for the second year running.

This is truly a great accomplishment that would not have happened were it not for all the efforts made by the membership of NKRC, my hardworking executive and board of directors and the many sponsors and supporters that have continued to support us in all our projects and activities. On behalf of the entire membership of NKRC, I thank you all for the continued support and for contribution

to our success.  FB_IMG_1433625584525

In closing, I personally want to thank everyone who gave me your support as I served as President for this great club. Your support and efforts meant a lot to me and it allowed me to help guide our club to achieve what we did this year. Walk good my NKRC family and friends and continue to “Be a gift to the world” and know that you all made a difference of “Helping Hands, Touching Hearts and Changing Lives.” 

Ryan McKenzie

President – Rotaract Club of New Kingston.

It’s Conference Month, Are you excited?

district logo

Happy May my Rotafamily!
We are now into the penultimate month of the 2014-2015 Rotaract year, my how time flies! As we approach the end of what has been a truly amazing year, let us focus on not only the accomplishments and achievements but also the challenges that occurred and how we rose above them. Both individually and as a club, NKRC and its membership have a lot to celebrate and also had its fair share of challenges.
What was common in both was that we were there to support each other in both the good and bad and that is what the true spirit of family is all about and that is what we are, one big Rotafamily. On the point of celebrating accomplishments, what better way to do so than by attending Rotaract 7020 Conference in beautiful St. Marteen this month!
I along with my fellow NKRC members will be joined by other Rotaractors from across our District to celebrate a great year and also acquire valuable training which we will be taking into the new Rotaract to make our clubs even better than we were this Rotaract year.
Walk good NKRC family and friends and continue to execute our district theme of “Helping Hands,Touching Hearts and Changing Lives.”
Ryan McKenzie
President – Rotaract Club of New Kingston.

10 Behaviors of Genuine People

unnamedWhether you’re building a business, a network, or friendships, you always want to look for people who are genuine. After all, nobody wants to work or hang out with a phony. On the flipside, that goes for you, as well. Bet you never considered that. 

In case you’re wondering, genuine means actual, real, sincere, honest. Genuine people are more or less the same on the inside as their behavior is on the outside. Unfortunately, it’s a tough quality to discern. The problem is that all human interactions are relative. They’re all a function of how we perceive each other through our own subjective lenses. 

Being genuine is also a rare quality. In a world full of phony fads, media hype, virtual personas, positive thinkers, and personal brands – where everyone wants what they don’t have, nobody’s content to be who they are, and, more importantly, nobody’s willing to admit to any of that – it’s becoming more and more rare all the time.  

To help you identify this rare breed — in yourself, as well — this is how genuine people behave. 

  • They don’t seek attention. They don’t need constant reinforcement of their own ego. Where attention seekers have a hole that constantly needs to be filled, genuine people are already filled with self-confidence and self-awareness.
  • They’re not concerned with being liked. The need to be liked is born of insecurity and narcissism. It creates a need to manipulate your own and other’s emotions. Confident and authentic people are simply themselves. If you like them, fine. If not, that’s fine, too.
  • They can tell when others are full of it. Perhaps naïve folks can be easily fooled, but genuine people are not naïve. They’re grounded in reality and that gives them a baseline from which they can tell when things don’t add up. There’s a big difference. 
  • They are comfortable in their own skin. In his late 70s, actor Leonard Nimoy said he was closer than ever to being as comfortable with himself as Spock appeared to be. Most of us struggle with that. As Henry David Thoreau observed, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”
  • They do what they say and say what they mean. They don’t tend to overreach or exaggerate. They meet their commitments. And they don’t parse their words or sugarcoat the truth. If you need to hear it, they’ll tell you … even if it’s tough for them to say and for you to hear.
  • They don’t need a lot of stuff. When you’re comfortable with whom you are, you don’t need a lot of external stuff to be happy. You know where to find happiness – inside yourself, your loved ones, and your work. You find happiness in the simple things.
  • They’re not thin-skinned. They don’t take themselves too seriously so they don’t take offense when none is intended.
  • They’re not overly modest or boastful. Since they’re confident of their strengths, they don’t need to brag about them. Likewise, they don’t exhibit false modesty. Humility is a positive trait but it’s even better to just be straightforward.
  • They’re consistent. You might describe genuine people as being weighty, solid, or substantial. Since they know themselves well and are in touch with their genuine emotions, they’re more or less predictable … in a good way.  
  • They practice what they preach. They’re not likely to advise people to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. After all, genuine people know they’re no better than anyone else so it’s not in their nature to be self-righteous.  

All those seemingly different behaviors have the same thing at their core: self-awareness that’s consistent with reality. Genuine people see themselves as others would if they were objective observers. There’s not a lot of processing, manipulating, or controlling going on between what’s in their head and what people see and hear.

Once you get to know them, genuine people turn out to be more or less consistent with the way they initially hold themselves out to be. What you see is what you get. It’s sad that, in today’s world, such a positive quality is at risk of becoming endangered. Not only is it harder to find in others, it’s becoming harder to be genuine ourselves. 

PD weekly
Contributor: Steve Tobak

Do you know about the Nannyville Breakfast Program?

At the start of the Rotaract year of 2013/14, the current President Dane Anderson, stated that he wanted to do a breakfast program at the Nannyville EarlyChildhood Institution since we had been doing infrastructural work on the school.  The principal brought it to our attention that a few students didn’t attend school due to the lack of food. It was then that he decided to try and implement a program that would help in the upgrade of school life for the children. The main issue we had at the time was that of money: how were we going to fund such a project and for how long?
We did some research and realized that it would be very expensive to buy all the food we needed. The public relations director at the time Ms Shawna Brown , had the idea of doing a CANNED FOOD drive/collection so that we could still carry out the project. The Canned Food drive went on for three months as we did a massive online campaign for food to be dropped off or picked up and people from the general public, Rotary and Rotaract clubs responded and donated a lot of non-perishable items to us.
The Project started in January of 2014 and  once per week we went to the school to prepare breakfast and we came to the realization  that the students started to turn out early every Wednesday or Friday that we would have breakfast for them. This Project continued to grow as we had more Canned Food coming so we could also donate some for lunch too. The members of the Rotaract Club of New Kingston took turns in assisting and made it out from as early as 7am to start preparing food to be served at 8am. The turn out for school was magnificent and we were elated.


In the new Rotaract year we decided to continue as President Ryan McKenzie stated that he wanted this to be an ongoing project. Once again we did a new Food drive and we collected more canned food and also received a check donated by the Bismuth Company Ltd  enabling us to begin again in September which is the start of the school year. We decided to stay because we knew the situation of the school and the impact we made in the first 3 months of the Breakfast program.


We have introduced fruits and juices to the menu as we have received several donations toward the project this year. This is also required in Rotary’s six areas of focus which we try to fulfill in each of the activities we do.
The Breakfast Program has been successful and it shows how the thought of one president to implement something different has now become a signature project for the club.


Shawna Brown

DRR Elisia’s April Message

Greetings My Dedicated Rotafamily;

Happy Magazine Month!!

Welcome to the tenth month of our 2014-2015 Rotaract Year. Often times I am asked by Rotaract Clubs what they can do to get their message out. In addition to that, district board members have requests coming in from clubs seeking support for one of their programs, projects or activities. I constantly hear from clubs that have something wonderful to say but they cannot get their message out.

April is designated to tackle these concerns as we recognize this month as Magazine Month. During this year, Rotaract District 7020 has strived to improve its communication with Rotaractors by forwarding newsletters from Rotary International, urging you to share your events through social media and encouraging you to send your information to Rotary District 7020 to be published in their monthly newsletter. In addition to that, Rotaract District 7020 board has introduced an E-magazine so that you can share your information to the world. I encourage you to fill out the E-magazine template and submit it to DRS Luciana by April 1st 2015 as the board aim to assist you in getting your message across. Nevertheless, there are so many ways you can spread the word about your club and receive information such as:

• Submit information and read the Rotary District 7020 Newsletter
• Subscribe to receive Rotary International newsletters
• Create/Use your club’s newsletter and publish it online
• Distribute copies of your newsletter/magazine in your community
• Read “The Rotarian” magazine online
• Submit your club’s information for District Rotaract 7020 Newsletter

Speaking of communication, leads me to mention about our greatest annual communication; District Conference May 27th to 31st at the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino, in St. Maarten. The Conference is in its final stages of preparation. The steering committee and District Board team have set out to give an experience with a difference. I look forward to meeting everyone and being a part of the buzz of this great communication forum and the benefits that flow on from joining together in friendship and fellowship.

In closing, I will leave you with this,Not every article submitted will have the same success, however; with the right format, content and style, with a genuine interest to all Rotaractors, you will be surprised what success can be achieved.”—District 9212 Governor Harry Mugo, April 2014

Love Always,
DRR Elisia