The Rotaract Club of New Kingston – Rotary’s Anniversary Celebrations

The Rotaract Club of New Kingston, Jamaica celebrated Rotary’s Anniversary by having members give toasts to Rotary International. Members wrote short speeches on what the organization means to them and gave well wishes to the future.
Here are some toasts from our members below:
“I toast to Rotary International because it is an organization of inclusion. In a world with racism and wars among nations, RI is not biased to where you come from and the colour of your skin. Happy Birthday and cheers to RI” – Kimberley Lindo, President
“My toast to Rotary International is the continued financial growth of the organization and Rotary Foundation” – Diego Thomas, Vice President
“Rotary has given increased meaning and purpose to my life by providing an organized avenue for me to improve the lives of so many people. I wish for RI continued success as we continue to expand the legacy of Service above Self” – Vanessa Williams, Director of International Service
“Happy Birthday Rotary International. I am proud to be apart of this organization and grateful for the opportunity to serve among a global family making a positive impact on all communities” – Chez Ashman, Member
“Cheers to the continued success and to making a much bigger mark on the world. I live that I am a part of a movement that contributes to the development of the world” – Anique Senior, Member
“Cheers to a blessed 112th birthday. As you continue to change lives one person at a time and impact the world, we salute you. May you continue to flourish” – Oshane Allen, Prospective Member
“Happy 112th Rotary! Looking forward to 112 more years of impact on our communities and fellowship. Big up yourself Rotary” – Patrick Forest, Director of Community Service
“For 112 years, you have embraced and nurtured the mantra of offering quality service. We acknowledge and appreciate that the foundation of our success is built upon commitment.” – Desiann McIntosh, Secretary
“The opportunity to improve and enhance my professional development; building friendships and networking; socializing and having fun; the avenue is provided through NKRC to give back to the world” – Alex Robinson, Member
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NKRC Tin Food Drive

The Marie Atkins Shelter has reached out to NKRC asking for help to stock their pantry as they often run out of food to provide for the homeless. So check out your pantry, reach out to friends and family and donate what you can  !

We will now embark on a Food Drive as we look out for our neighbours who are less fortunate. Lets us help one and reach one by donating and soliciting donation for this cause in cash or kind.
One of Nkrcs Big projects “The Nannyville Breakfast program” started and grew with just the collection of Can Food to ensure children had breakfast at least once per week.

Lets promote this initiative with in our circles to get as much support as possible !

The Food Drive will run from February to March . PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING BEFORE MARCH ENDS !

Please contact Dir. Patrick for more information on how you can help.


On Saturday August 21, 2016 the Community Service Committee hosted their first project at the Jamaica National Children’s Home where over 82 children were entertained and participated in various activities such as Netball , Football, Design Arts for the younger children and a Math-Olympic competition.

 The project was geared towards fostering a relationship with the children while engaging in fun and education.

During the days activities Mount Olivet boys dominated the football games, achieving back-to-back wins in the first and second age game with DCP/IPP Terence as the referee. The youngsters on the first age Mt. Olivet boys’ team ended as the winners with three (3) goals to nil (0) over the JN first age youngsters. While, the second age team decapitated any opportunity for the JN boys being able to score a whopping 5 goals over the second age JN boys.

However on the netball side of things, the game was just as exhilarating. The girl’s team were unstoppable and they took the win over Checker scoring 20 goals to 7 balls. Notwithstanding, Checker still managed to put the ball through the net with great zeal.

There was fun and excitement thoroughout leading to the lunch hour. At this moment our very own “controlla” DJ Rtr. Thaad provided music for the “fetings and dance offs shenanigans”, while everyone enjoyed their lunch. After which the children all took to the field to demonstrate their expertise in the latest dance moves and styles, while Dir. Shanieka, Dir. Latoya, Sec. Desiann and Rtr. Rochelle all joined in to learn a few moves and flaunt some of their own.

 The final competition for the day was a Math-Olympic with children ranging from 8-13 partaking which saw the girls prevailed over the boys to be triumphant in the end.

Ultimately, the day was a very successful one. Along with the sponsorship of Tastee Jamaica Ltd, NKRC was able to put a smile on the faces of each and everyone of the children who were jubilant to share in the day’s festivities.

Cheers to another successful project.



Director Vanessa- dedicated to serving humanity and creating our future

How long have you been in Rotaract and how did you get involved?

I have been visiting with NKRC since February 2015 and an inducted member since September of said year. So technically I haven’t been in NKRC a full year as a member.

I was an Interactor in high school and during college I visited with the Rotaract club a bit but was mainly occupied with initiatives on hall. However, when I left campus, I was invited to a Rotaract club meeting by a friend of mine. But I wasn’t too taken with that meeting so I sought out another Rotaract club and NKRC was it.

what are your 3 main areas of focus as International Service Director?

  1. Strengthen regional relations as well as bilateral relations outside of District 7020
  2. Increase knowledge of Rotary and Rotary opportunities among Rotaractors-NKRC
  3. Increase general knowledge and participation among the club pertaining to international issues

Share with us 2 projects that you have done this year in NKRC that has impacted your life

For the 2015-2016 I was involved in the implementation of six projects/initiatives: Back to School Medical, Reading Competition, December/Christmas Clothes Drive, the Electronics/Electrical Drive, Inter-Home Essay Competition and the Professional & Business Development Mingle.  Some of these were completely new ideas that were created in response to an identified gap, and the two that I would say impacted me the most were the back to school medical and a toss-up between the reading competition and the essay competition. The back to school medical because the health and wellbeing of our young children is of paramount importance within a society and to rectify a situation where children were going to school without being immunized was tremendous for me because the effect of not being fully immunized can be far reaching. Why the reading & essay competitions, because of the competencies that the youth were able to develop during the process. We saw where usually shy young persons were able to express themselves boldly and the young ladies in the Residential Child Care facilities learned alternate means to express themselves outside of physical altercation.

Tell us something that persons do not know about you? Be honest.

For my very first job out of university I was a Weddings Coordinator/Planner with Sandals.

Where do you see yourself after Rotaract?

In terms of service? Well it continues. I’ll move on to Rotary of course and continue to do my best to serve humanity and work towards creating our futures.

Money ohhh…the loveable, down to earth Jamie Lovelace.

1. Where do you see yourself after Rotaract?
Continuing “Service Above Self”. Rotaract has definitely expanded my mind and opened my vision to a lot in the little time I have spent here, so I will be seeking to continue that growth, while staying engaged with service projects through the parent arm and even other service clubs out there. Not sure with which Rotary Club at the moment (Kingston East and Port Royal looking good, if they feed me one more time they hold me). 

2.What’s one assumption people make about you that is dead wrong?

Hmm, people always assume that I’m quiet and “can’t mash ants”. Probably its because of my lamb like persona, baaee.

3.Using only two words, describe yourself. 
Attentive, down-to-earth (as cliche as it sounds)
4. How do you stay engaged and passionate about your club responsibilities as Treasurer?
Reviewing the membership dues statements keeps me very much engaged, [side note] remember your district dues guys.😀 LoL… This is not my first run in with a treasury position so there was always a passion for it. But for the club, the many requests by the various directors and getting the money side of things balanced and keeping things in order for the club definitely keeps the passion lit. And of course all that keeps me engaged, don’t think I’ve had an off week yet maybe the second week in July hmm idk. 
  5. How did you get involved in Rotaract and why? 

Well I got involved in Rotaract through one of my Best Friends Past Secretary Wayne Thorpe. Funny enough while he was studying overseas we got were talking one night about community service and ways to help homeless after he had an experience while traveling on a bus in the US. Low and behold he came back found Rotaract and roped me in (even though it was really Shawna who did the official invite, sshhh). I was a part of the Interact and Key Clubs while in high school and I’ve done labour day projects with various groups, so I’m no stranger to voluntary service. Honestly there is no special reason why I chose Rotaract other than the fact that I was invited by Wayne (Shawna). I knew of Rotary, but Rotaract was new to me. But approaching one year now since my first meeting it has been one of those right choices one makes in life.So I got involve through Wayne, but stayed for the experience; the family vibe and working together for the many worthy causes.

6.Tell me about one thing that is unique or remarkable about you?

Once I set my mind (like really set it) to completing something, I do it whether or I want to as best I know how. If for some strange reason I am unable to complete that task I become very uncomfortable. 

PATRICK FORREST….The muscle man behind our Service Projects.



What is your leadership philosophy?

 I consider myself to be a democratic leader. I like having the input of others and I do believe this is a suitable leadership style for Rotaract. I believe that everybody’s voice should be heard since Rotaract is for all the members in the club and not just one person. Though I am fond of consulting with others before a final decision is made, I am willing to make a quick decision if the need arises.


Who is your mentor/s and what recent challenge/s have you sought their advice for? 

My mentor is a senior Director at my organization.I had a heavy workload on one occasion and was becoming flustered. I decided to approach my mentor for guidance and I was taught a lesson of prioritization in getting the job done. This has guided me not only at work but throughout life, even in Rotaract.


What cereal best describes you as a person? 

Lasco Cornflakes, plain and boring. Lol, just kidding, I would say Cocoa Pebbles chocolate on the outside and able to impact my surroundings (change plain milk into chocolate milk). At times I may underestimate myself and think what I say has no impact but I’ve been surprised many times the number of persons that value my opinion.


How do you stay engaged and passionate about your club responsibilities? 

At times I do feel like giving up, no lie, but then I think of all the difference that we have made in our community and it inspires me to do more. Plus, without Rotaract I don’t know what else I would do for fun.


What is the greatest constructive criticism you have ever received as a director? 

I was told once that I should acknowledge the efforts put out by the members of my committee not just privately but also publicly. At first I thought that wasn’t necessary but then I realized that we are all volunteering our time and the least I can do as a director is to show my appreciation for the work that a fellow volunteer has done as an indication that the time and effort put in by that individual is valued.


Using only two words, describe yourself. 

Prudent; Kind.


In what type of environment are you most productive? 

I am most productive in a cool and calm atmosphere, where I can enjoy the natural beauty of the world

IPP Terence an introvert at heart


 What is your leadership philosophy?

I believe in leading with a view to develop and nurture the potential of others. Allow      persons

to acquire that confidence through your direction and guidance while being firm when  necessary.

Who is your mentor/s and what recent challenge/s have you sought their advice for?

I don’t really have a direct mentor per se, however during my Presidential year the    Council of  Elders (IPP and PP) provided sound advice during the turbulent times.

 What’s one assumption people make about you that is dead wrong?

Wow hmmm this is a tricky one. Everyone sees me as the President/IPP always            addressing a   crowd or  some audience of some sort but few would know that I’m actually  an introvert at heart  and I do have a shy side.

What cereal best describes you as a person?

Cereal that best describes me as a person is Chocolate Cheerios

How do you stay engaged and passionate about your club responsibilities?

I try not to lose sight of why I became a Rotaractor, and where I stand in the bigger    picture. I know the actual work can be very demanding at times but being mindful of the     end result and the impact of our efforts keeps the tank fuelled.

What do you do after a stressful day?

I just want to forget about any and everything; if I’m not too tired I’ll go to kick boxing class  if not I’d just stay home and relax with some cashew juice made with extra vanilla flavour.

What is the greatest constructive criticism you have ever received as a director?

Greatest constructive criticism I have ever received as a Director/President was sometimes you need to grab someone and give them and proper shake, a slap and tell them to pull their s@!t together. Well it wasn’t quite said in those words but I got the message.

Tell us one thing that is unique or remarkable about you

You guys have probably heard this before but here goes; I’m the only child for my mother, one out of four for my father and my brother and we are the same age. That should be unique enough