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Yoga to end polio

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Adam Arents, second from right, leads the Miles to End polio team in a yoga stretch.

Adam Arents, second from right, leads the Miles to End polio team in a yoga stretch.

By Adam Arents, Rotary staff

For the past two years, I’ve helped coordinate yoga classes for staff at Rotary headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, USA, bringing in a yoga instructor to lead us in stretching, bending, and breaking up the stiffness that can accumulate after too many hours staring at a computer. I appreciate yoga for the ways it challenges me, loosens me up, and quiets my mind in the midst of the cacophony of everyday life.

Recently, I’ve felt the need for yoga even more as I’ve spent hours riding my bike around the Chicago area to prepare for the 104-mile El Tour de Tucson.

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B. Chung

Some know him as ‘Chigga’, some know his as the ‘Chiney Man’ and our former Treasurer but do you really know him? Check out this feature on District 7020 Merchandising Chairperson Brian.

Name: Brian Chung
Job Title: Relationship Associate
Company: Citibank, N.A.

1. How long have you worked in this position?
Six (6) months in this current position. I was previously a Management Associate from July 2013 and then was subsequently promoted to Relationship Associate within 8 months to the Corporate and Investment Banking department.
2. Describe a typical day at work

My role within the bank is dynamic and heavily depends on whether there are any transactions in the pipeline that I am involved with.
But my day can involve the following things:

  • Attending to client queries, such as: statuses on payments and transfers, updating of client information, etc.
  • Conducting due diligence on new and existing clients as well as potential clients
  • Conducting Credit Analysis and Financial Statement analysis and liaising with risk colleagues on credit clients to update them on events concerning clients
  • Attending client meetings to present solutions (such as cash management, derivative structures, debt issuances, loans, etc.)
  • Opening accounts and booking loans
  • Attending to queries from compliance, regulators and internal/external auditors, these may include AML queries and documentation
  • Submissions of reports as requested by the regional/head office

As a Relationship Associate covering the Public Sector, I am also responsible for keeping track of and presenting on:

  • The GOJ’s progress with the Extended Fund Facility with the IMF;
    Economic events and statistics related to Jamaica
    And from time to time I will be required to be a part of internal projects. One such example is the bank’s response to the implementation of the Security Interests in Personal Property Act.

3. How did you apply or come across this job?
I submitted my resume whilst I was still in the MBA programme at UWI.
4. Do you have any other professional interests?
I am currently pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification and hope to pursue the CICBV afterwards.
5. Tell me about the most fun you have had on the job
The knowledge that some of the transactions that I am party to is announced in the newspapers.

6. What is your dream job?

To continue within the same role in a larger capacity.


photoYou may see her in the front row at every meeting taking your picture. But do you really know Rotaractor Ana?

Name: Ana Miles
Job Title: Office Assistant/Social Media Manager
Organization: St. John Ambulance

1. How long have you worked in this position?
11 months
2. Describe a typical day at work for you.
Check and answer emails, answer phone calls, follow up on phone calls, send emails, and putting duties together for First Aid Coverage of events
3. How did you apply or come across this job?
I am currently a member of the organization and I had the current skills and abilities that could be applied to the job.
4. Do you have any other professional interests?
Working in the media and possibly working as as a social media manager
5. Tell me about the most fun you have had on the job.
Going on the First Aid duties.

President’s October Message


We are now into October and that means…its Vocational Service Month!!! This month we focus our attention on one of Rotary’s key ideals, how we as Rotarians/Rotaractors can use our professions and skills to make a positive impact in our communities. I encourage all Rotaractors to see how you can use your own unique skills to make an impact in our world. No matter how small you may think it to be, everyone has the ability to use our skills/professions to make a change in the world. 

The Rotaract Club of New Kingston (NKRC) recognizes the importance of Vocational Service as well as the Professional Development of our members. Our Professional Service Committee, led by Director Kimberley Lindo and her team, will be highlighting our members and what exactly they do for their professions and also hosting one of major events for the year, our annual NKRC Professional Development Workshop at the end of this month. This workshop is geared towards all young professionals giving them the opportunity to take part in and learn from presentations on topics such as Financial Literacy, Event Planning and Management and Entrepreneurship to name a few.  Very topical and beneficial presentations that I’m sure all young professionals can gain great value from.

Also of significance this month, NKRC will be looking to raise awareness of two very critical diseases, Polio and Breast Cancer. We will be participating in several awareness initiatives both locally and internationally for both End Polio and Breast Cancer. World Polio day is recognized annually on October 24 and Rotary Internationals main goal is the complete eradication of Polio from the Earth. NKRC will do our part to support Rotary Internationals efforts in the fight against Polio. Also, Breast Cancer is a disease that has affected a lot of persons whether directly or indirectly. Again, NKRC’s members will join the global effort to raise awareness about this disease so that one day, just like Polio, we can hopefully say, the world is breast cancer free.

Happy October!!!

Ryan McKenzie 

President – Rotaract Club of New Kingston





DRR Elisia’s October Message


Greetings my Rotafamily,

Happy Vocational Service Month!


October is a time for Rotaractors to focus on their vocation and its importance to their local community and society at large. You may use this month to reflect on your current profession and how you can offer your skills to making the world a better place. Some may choose to recognize persons that have offered their vocational skills to give back to their community. Others may use this month to find out more about their members’ vocation. Whatever above-mentioned concentration you may have; they are all what I encourage you to focus on.

Look within yourself and think about different ways you can use your vocational skills in Rotaract to contribute to society. Additionally, use this month to spark your interest in developing your professional life. Some Rotaractors might not be at the place where they want to be professionally, so use this month to start advancing yourself.

When we are organizing a community service project, or any event which requires a specific skill, we often tend to look for persons that are non Rotaractors to assist us and fail to realize that we have our very own Rotaractors who have that skill. Therefore, I urge you to get to know your members’ vocations. We have a number of tremendously talented individuals within our membership, and we need to constantly be thinking about how we can best use our members’ time and talents. Take the time out to conduct sessions where your members can present on their vocation and how they can use it through Rotaract to make a difference.

Now, let us take a look outside of Rotaract and shed some light on our awesome Rotarians. Invite them to your professional development sessions as guest speakers to share information on their vocation. Also, take the time out to acknowledge persons that have contributed their vocational skills to their community. Organize an award ceremony and show these selfless individuals that we appreciate them for the good that they do.

In closing, I will leave this with you, “Consciously or unconsciously, every one of us does render some service or another. If we cultivate the habit of doing this service deliberately, our desire for service will steadily grow stronger, and it will make not only for our own happiness, but that of the world at large.”—Mahatma Gandhi


Your Proud DRR,

Meet the Inductees of August 2014

We were pleased to introduce two new members to the NKRC fold in the Month of August 2014. Here is a one on one with them. 

IMG_1984KELESHA JOELL DUNKLEY affectionately known as Kelleshous Kelesha

Zodiac: Aquarian

Occupation: Teacher/Librarian
Hobbies: Going to the beach, listening to music, reading and meeting new people.
Career goals: To  become a Lecturer or an Actress
Why Rotaract?: I wanted the opportunity to give back to my country, not only through my professional services but through community involvement. I also wanted to meet new people and have fun. Plus it looks good on your resume.. (Lol)
What is Rotaract’s Impact on your life so far?: It has given a new meaning to my free time, as in I am more involved and active outside of my work schedule, rather than staying home being a coach potato. I know that as I go along, the positive impacts will only get greater. 
Which position do you hope to attain in the future?: President… (Lol)
Favorite Project and best experience at this project: The Beach clean-up… It was my debut project. It was a great experience because at that point I got to meet a lot of interesting characters in the club. It showed me the true meaning of fellowship and service among the members, which started my love for the club. 
reidHaishaina Reid
Zodiac: Virgo
Hobbies: Reading, socializing, playing pool,squash,dominoes, trying new things
Career Goals: Open my businesses
Why Rotaract?: I chose Rotaract because, I wanted to be a part of something positively impacting.
What is Rotaract’s Impact on your life so far: Rotaract has impacted me positively and I feel a great sense of pride to be associated with the club
Favorite Project and best experience at this project:The project that I have had the best experience at is the JFLL sessions. It has humbled me much thus it is my favorite project.

Peace Day Campaign


DRR Elisia’s September Message


literacyGreetings my Amazing Rotafam;


September is the month where we celebrate the future. September, we celebrate New Generations Month. September, we celebrate us as Rotaractors, our Interatactors, our Early-actors and every young person on this earth. As we journey on through this month, I urge you to inspire and motivate young people like yourselves to be the best that they can be. Too often we hear negative things about young people going astray and living a life that is not pleasing. Too often the world airs the negatives about young people and rarely the positives. However, we are about to make a statement this month and I encourage you to remove the deleterious stereotype about young people in your community by displaying and spreading the word of how great and powerful we are as the new generation.

There is so much we can do this month in celebration of New Generations Month of which I highlighted a few examples:
-Conduct a big brother/sister program
-Conduct youth panel discussions on topics such as peer pressure and importance of education
-Tutor students who are struggling in school
-Provide meals for less fortunate children
-Conduct reading sessions at your local library or school
-Give motivational sessions to youth groups
-Have joint meetings/projects with Early-act or Interact Clubs, in or outside of the District.

Let us not forget that Rotaract is a program of Rotary. We are young professionals that will soon take up positions to lead this world, therefore; we need to prepare ourselves for this. I urge you to assist Rotary clubs, continue to bridge the gap and build tighter bonds with them by:
-Chairing Rotary Club meetings.
– Assist with chartering Early-Act/Interact Clubs.
-Encourage a Rotarian to be your mentor.

We are highly respected for the great work that we do. Rotaractors, we are role models and we are the mouth piece of change. Use it to the best of your ability to inspire other young people. We are looked upon as future leaders and so we must continue to live, act and do right in everything we think say and do. All eyes are on us, so go out and be the change the world needs. I am forever proud of each and everyone one of you.

In closing I will leave this with you, “Blessed is the generation in which the old listen to the young; and doubly blessed is the generation in which the young listen to the old.”


Your Proud DRR,


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