DRR Elisia’s September Message


literacyGreetings my Amazing Rotafam;


September is the month where we celebrate the future. September, we celebrate New Generations Month. September, we celebrate us as Rotaractors, our Interatactors, our Early-actors and every young person on this earth. As we journey on through this month, I urge you to inspire and motivate young people like yourselves to be the best that they can be. Too often we hear negative things about young people going astray and living a life that is not pleasing. Too often the world airs the negatives about young people and rarely the positives. However, we are about to make a statement this month and I encourage you to remove the deleterious stereotype about young people in your community by displaying and spreading the word of how great and powerful we are as the new generation.

There is so much we can do this month in celebration of New Generations Month of which I highlighted a few examples:
-Conduct a big brother/sister program
-Conduct youth panel discussions on topics such as peer pressure and importance of education
-Tutor students who are struggling in school
-Provide meals for less fortunate children
-Conduct reading sessions at your local library or school
-Give motivational sessions to youth groups
-Have joint meetings/projects with Early-act or Interact Clubs, in or outside of the District.

Let us not forget that Rotaract is a program of Rotary. We are young professionals that will soon take up positions to lead this world, therefore; we need to prepare ourselves for this. I urge you to assist Rotary clubs, continue to bridge the gap and build tighter bonds with them by:
-Chairing Rotary Club meetings.
– Assist with chartering Early-Act/Interact Clubs.
-Encourage a Rotarian to be your mentor.

We are highly respected for the great work that we do. Rotaractors, we are role models and we are the mouth piece of change. Use it to the best of your ability to inspire other young people. We are looked upon as future leaders and so we must continue to live, act and do right in everything we think say and do. All eyes are on us, so go out and be the change the world needs. I am forever proud of each and everyone one of you.

In closing I will leave this with you, “Blessed is the generation in which the old listen to the young; and doubly blessed is the generation in which the young listen to the old.”


Your Proud DRR,

President Ryan Speaks on New Generations

newgenerations300The month of September is upon us and that means its New Generations month and if looked at in detail is a celebration of us! It’s also a time to celebrate our younger brothers and sisters in Interact and Earlyact and all young people in general. As charged by our DRR Elisia Lake in her DRR Message for September, “I urge you to inspire and motivate young people like yourselves to be the best that they can be.”

The Rotaract Club of New Kingston (NKRC) will be actively involved this month with activities that will be centered on our younger siblings from the Interact Club of St. Georges College and the Earlyact Club of Queens Preparatory School. But not to be left out done, we will also be engaging our parents, the Rotary Club of New Kingston also as after all, we are their kids as well. We as NKRC Rotaractors have an important role to play as we could be somewhat viewed as intermediaries in the sense that not only are we trying to bridge the gap between Rotaract and Rotary but also we are focusing on bridging the gap with our younger siblings, Interact and Earlyact.

I charge all my fellow Rotaractors to do our part by engaging the younger generation of our country. Whether it’s:

  • Assisting with homework
  • Providing a meal to a hungry child
  • Encouraging youth to get involved in service organizations such as ours

These are just a few of the things we can do to help shape our youth to be the future leaders of tomorrow and by extension, make brighter day for our country and the world.

We are the next generation. As some may say, “A young people time now!” Let us show the world that we will accomplish great things!


One Love, One Rotaract.


Ryan McKenzie

President – Rotaract Club of New Kingston

Kids from the Jamaica Christian Boys Home get a Day Out to Tour the Institute of Jamaica

Originally posted on SuGa Lifestyle:

The New Kingston Rotaract Club in partnership with the Institute of Jamaica hosted marginalised boys from the Jamaica Christian Boys Home, between the ages of 7 and 17 on July 18, 2014 at the Institute of Jamaica. The children were exposed, educated and their awareness broadened, while they also got time away from their place of residence.

The activities of the day included Exhibitions of Rastafari, Equal Rights, Reggae and Social Change, National Art in Schools and a viewing of the National History Museum Discovery Room.

After the exhibitions, the boys enjoyed lunch provided by the New Kingston Rotaract Club.

As many good deeds like this often go under the radar, many Clubs and Non-Profit Organisations like the New Kingston Rotaract Club continue to work hard and serve the unfortunate selflessly, offering many opportunities for them to progress as well. Feel free to like or join the New Kingston Rotaract…

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President Ryan’s August Message


The month of August is very significant to all Rotaractors as we focus on one of the keys areas of success for any Rotaract club and that is membership. Next to the eradication of Polio, Rotary’s has placed membership as the next important focus this year.  RI International President Gary Huang in his presidential message for August reminds us that “There is a good reason why we remind ourselves of the importance of membership early in every Rotary year: because the job of growing our membership is one that we can never begin too soon. It is also a job that we can never stop working on. In order to keep serving, Rotary always needs to be growing!”

Membership has and will always be very important to NKRC. Keen to our focus this month and also for the year will be the growth and engagement of our membership. While it is important to attract prospective members to the club, it is even more important to attract the right kind of persons to the club. Quality over Quantity has always been a focus of NKRC and this mantra has served us well throughout our existence. As we put our focus on growth, our eyes should always be attuned to Prospective Members who can truly appreciate what it means to be a member of this family.

This month’s focus will also be about engaging our membership. Our club has been extremely blessed when it comes to the great talents & skills of its membership over the years. Our plans for this month include varying initiatives that will seek to engage both prospective and current members. It is my hope that we all (prospective & members alike) engage each other as we allow ourselves to be engaged by the great rewards Rotaract has to offer.

Rotaract’s motto is FELLOWSHIP THROUGH SERVICE. NKRC has lived this motto over the years and have gone on to establish our brand through our strong fellowship and impactful service. It is this, coupled with our sense of family that truly makes NKRC the top brand we are. The club stands committed to maintaining these core values as we seek to attract and engage the current and future membership of our great NKRC.




Ryan McKenzie

President – Rotaract Club of New Kingston


DRR Elisia’s August Message

Greetings My Remarkable Rotafam,


The month of August is very important, as we focus on our current and future members. Rotaractors, this month I urge you to spread the word of Rotaract and its advantages of being a member. This is the time for you to use any and every resource there is to encourage young professionals to be part of this amazing organization.
Below are some ideas of what you can do to gain members into your club:
*Membership drives at different locations
*Invite guests to Rotaract meetings
*Have an Open-house/Happy hour and conduct presentations about Rotaract
*Attend talk shows on radio and television
*Wear your pins and Rotaract shirts
While seeking prospective members, I encourage you to pursue individuals of quality and character that go along with the principals and standards of Rotaract. Seek young professionals that have the passion and willingness to serve their community and the world.
Let us not forget our current members who continue to work hard to ensure Rotaract remains in existence. Take the time out to acknowledge them for their selfless service to their community and the world. Our current members are so valuable to this organization, therefore, I urge you to keep them engaged by including them in training sessions for your new members. Allow them to conduct Rotaract 411 Trainings and pair them up with new members so that they continue to have and feel a sense of belonging in Rotaract.
Rotaract has been a life changer for all of us. Rotaract shapes you into a better person! Rotaract introduces you to new friends! Rotaract allows you to grow professionally and become a leader! Rotaract gives you the
opportunity to carry out selfless service to your community! YOU ARE ROTARACT! I encourage you to share your love and passion for Rotaract to the world and inspire others to experience what you are experiencing
because of this great organization.
Lastly, I will leave you with this, “The more members we have, the more friends we have, and the more friends, the greater our opportunity for service.”— Meet Your President, THE ROTARIAN, September 1953

Your proud DRR, Elisia

President Ryan’s Message for July 2014






The month of July marks the beginning of the New Rotaract Year. This signifies new beginnings and opportunities. The time for a refreshing of ideas and focus. The time for a fresh slate of leaders who will seek to guide the club to achieve even greater measures of success than the year before. This New Year also marks the beginning of a new generation for NKRC which has been dubbed NKRC 3G. Under the District 7020 theme for 2014-2015, “Helping Hands, Touching Hearts, Changing Lives” I encourage every Rotaractor to work hard to achieve this goal while at the same time, do your part to “Light Up Rotary” as charged by Rotary International President Gary C.K Huang in his RI Presidential message for July.

July is Literacy month on our calendar. Such is its importance that is even one of Rotary’s six areas of focus. Our District Rotaract Representative, Elisia Lake in her DRR’s message for July, has encouraged us to do activities that will focus on literacy. NKRC will be playing our part in the promotion of Literacy by engaging in several projects that will cater to this issue. Of additional significance this month is the recognition of International Nelson Mandela Day on July 18th. NKRC will again be seeking to raise awareness of his legacy by engaging our younger generation about just how significant his contributions were towards the shaping of our world and the positive and everlasting legacy he has left for us all.

As we embark on this New Year and new era in our club, I charge every NKRC member to stay true to the principles of Rotary and Rotaract while also remembering our clubs core values of family, strong fellowship and impactful and sustainable service. It is these values that have made us the great club that we are today and will continue to be our guiding light as seek to “Light Up” this new generation of NKRC and shine even brighter than before.


Ryan McKenzie
President – Rotaract Club of New Kingston

The DRR’s July Message 2014/2015



Greetings My Awesome Rotafam;
I trust that you are excited as I am as we enter into a new Rotaract year 2014-2015 under the theme, “Helping Hands, Touching Hearts, Changing Lives.” This year, the passion beaming through the eyes of every rotaractor in District 7020 is bright and indeed, we are all ready to work hard and “Light Up Rotary” all at the same time. We are ready to make a change, continue to develop professionally, meet new friends, rekindle old friendships, become closer with our Rotarians and make the world a better place.
As we start off this year, I urge you to address matters that will affect your year. For one, I encourage all of you to plan an effective guide that will take your club and level of service you will provide to your community even higher this year. Make an assessment on the needs and concerns of your island/country and be that change your community is crying out for. At times we get carried away by providing all sorts of services to our fellow citizens and doing all the things we think is best. This is all awesome, however, we then lose track of the burning concerns at hand and when we lose track, we fail to make a difference for the better. We are effective
when we make an impactful change; a change that is NEEDED not WANTED. Pay close attention and know the difference.
July is literacy month on our calendar. Literacy is crucial to the success of individuals in both their career aspirations and their quality of life. Therefore, as Rotaractors, I encourage you to do your part in ensuring that you provide events and projects this month that will cater to this issue.
Some of the activities that your club can conduct may include:
Conduct a dictionary, school supplies or book drive for back to school.
Host a literacy session at local a library.
Commence a tutoring program for children and/or adults.
Host story telling events.
Lastly, I will leave you with this, “Lose yourself in generous service and every day can be a most unusual day, a triumphant day, an abundantly rewarding day!”— William Authur Ward.
I wish you much success this year!
Your proud DRR, Elisia

Congrats on Being the Best !

Congrats to the entire club for being the best club in the District.  we continue to be proud of you and your achievements.
Special mentions to Donair, Rotaractor of the year and IPDRR PP Julie, who has done an extremely good job as DRR. The district has grown under her leadership and we give thanks for all the support you gave her.

Please continue your upward pace.
Number 1    always!!!!!!!


Rotarian PP Godfrey

Rotaract LaisonImage

NKRC takes home the coveted title of Community Based Club of the year in District 7020 #RDC7020

NKRC takes home the coveted title of Community Based Club of the year in District 7020 #RDC7020

Members of the board as well as Rotaractors are all smiles upon receiving Club of The Year!!!

You are never too young to change the world

Originally posted on Rotary Voices:

RI Director Celia Elena Cruz De Giay (left) and RI President Ron Burton present a certificate to Lucia Gomez Garcia during the Presidential New Generations Conference in Rosario, Argentina.

RI Director Celia Elena Cruz De Giay (left) and RI President Ron Burton recognize Lucia Gomez Garcia during the Presidential New Generations Conference in Rosario, Argentina.

By RI Director Celia Elena Cruz De Giay, Rotary Club of Arrecifes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

When RI President Ron Burton asked me to convene one of his five Presidential New Generations Conferences, I was thrilled with the idea. I know firsthand the potential our youth represent, especially after accompanying my husband, Luis Vicente, as President of Rotary International in 1996-97, as we took part in 21 Presidential Conferences for New Generations around the world that year. Luis’ vision for youth set the stage for Rotary International’s support of New Generations and the creation of Rotary clubs composed of young people.

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